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Retro Bowl Mod is inspired by the sport of rugby. A sport that comes from the United States, is well received and loved by many people. The game was built by the manufacturer New Star Games Ltd in Retro style. Join the game, you will be entering the rugby matches. Compete with the top big football teams. Here the game offers interesting features. Help players enjoy the top match.

The gameplay is based on the actual rules of rugby. Graphics are designed in the form of Pixel Retro. Attractive rewards after the matches. Along with the player upgrade feature to develop abilities. Promises to bring you interesting moments. As well as better understand the sport of American football.

Download Retro Bowl Mod – Retro Style Rugby Game

The gameplay of Retro Bowl Mod is designed based on the actual rules from rugby. This is a team game, each match takes place with the participation of 22 players. Divided into 2 teams, each team has 11 players. The match will take place on a rectangular field. With dramatic competition between players of 2 teams. Aim at the goal of bringing the ball to the opponent’s field post to score. Within the allotted time, the players will play on the field.

After the time is up, the match result will be based on the number of points achieved by each team. The team that scores more goals gets the higher score. That team will win and achieve good results on the leaderboard. To be able to win against the opposing team. Your team needs to score more points during the match time.

Download Retro Bowl Mod

Tactics, the role of each group

Retro Bowl Mod is a team game. Requires the competitive spirit of the players on the field. Therefore, tactics are one of the main factors that determine the outcome of the match. A team is usually divided into 3 groups, with different roles. The first is the attacking group, taking on the role of the midfielder. Have the task of competing for the ball and passing it to teammates. The second is the defensive group, protecting their part of the field.

Plays the role of preventing opposing team members holding the ball from running to their own side of the field. Finally, there is a special group, usually for players with good physical strength. The body is large and can reach fast speeds. The task force has a very important role, throwing the ball on the field. Each group in a team needs to have good coordination with each other. From there, you can score goals to increase the score on the scoreboard.

Retro Bowl Mod

The course of the match

During the match between two football teams at Retro Bowl Mod. Your task is to observe what is happening on the playing field. Touch to select a player to control. Competing for the ball from a member of the opposing team, passing the ball to a teammate. At the same time, find a way to run to the opponent’s field. Throw the ball accurately to the end of the field. From there, you can score goals to increase the score. Throughout the course of the matches. Players will be supported with the display of the ball’s flight path. This feature appears every time you control the player to throw or pass the ball. Can align and pass more accurately to teammates. Or you can choose a position to throw so that you don’t get caught by the opposing team’s players.

Ear Retro Bowl Mod

Recruit players, upgrade stars

To be able to build the strongest rugby team. You need to recruit players with good soccer skills. At Retro Bowl Mod there are many rugby players. There are some people like Manning, Balls, Man, Carrot, Lewan, Lee, Jibowu, etc. The ability of each player is shown by the number of stars. The higher the number of stars, the better the ability to play football. Besides, you can through the player upgrade to increase the number of stars. After assembling a team of players who can play good football. Combine your tactics and control skills. From there, you can compete with other teams. At the same time increase the odds of winning in major tournaments.

Retro Bowl Game Mod

Retro Bowl Mod’s graphics are built on the Pixel Retro platform. Traditional classic style. Although not as realistic and sharp as 3D graphics. But the capacity of the game is quite light, can adapt to all devices. Ambiance, image quality, character creation, and stands. Lines on the field, along with the movements of the players. Everything is in the style of an old computer game. Make you feel comfortable, but still experience the exciting gameplay from rugby. Incorporate exciting sounds during matches. Along with the referee’s whistle, the running footsteps of the players.

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