Real Bike Racing Mod APK 1.3.0 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Immerse yourself in the fast motocross races of Real Bike Racing Mod. Players will enjoy the feeling of controlling a very realistic motorcycle. Compete with other racers to show off your skills. As well as competing to find the winner in a dramatic race. Join the game, your goal is to become the champion of the tournament. To achieve that dream will have to overcome many different racers. Only by winning can you get closer to your dream. Along with that, go through each speed race. You also have the opportunity to explore many different types of race tracks. With very impressively designed terrain. Create dangerous turns. Challenge the skills of a real racer.

Download Real Bike Racing Mod – Speedy Motorcycle Races To Find The Champion

Become a racer in the Real Bike Racing Mod game. You will control the motorcycle to participate in tournaments. Compete with other racers to find the winner. The race takes place in real-time. After reaching the finish line or the time is over. The bonus received will be in proportion to the achievement achieved. Shown by your ranking position, your finishing time compared to other racers. You can then customize and upgrade the racing car to improve performance. Continue to participate in a new race. Meet to compete with other racers. According to each race that took place, the opponents in the later races became more skilled. That will add to the difficulty, making the path to champion even more difficult.Real Bike Racing Mod

Skills and experience

During the races of Real Bike Racing Mod. Your competitors possess excellent motorcycling skills. At the same time, they can press you to take the lead. To be able to win against other racers. Requires your driving skills to be improved. Learn from past mistakes and fix them. Observe the road, combine the miniature map to know the bend in advance. Combining flexible driving skills, precise cornering. Safely overcome sharp turns, motorcycles are not thrown off the track. Sometimes it is necessary to use some tricks such as opponents, pinching to make them fly off the track. That will reduce the speed of the opponent’s motorcycle. From there, it will shorten the distance to the finish line, the winning rate is higher.Real Bike Racing Mod

3 game modes

For players to have the best experience when participating in Real Bike Racing Mod. Developer Italic Games offers 3 game modes. Includes kill mode, limited time, and regular mode. In ascending order of numbers, each race takes place in a different mode. At the same time, there are separate rules that riders need to follow. Coming to the knockdown mode, you need to squeeze to make the opponent fly off the track. Eliminate each opponent in turn to become the last racer on the road. Limited time mode is designed to play quite interestingly. The track is divided into several stages. Before the time ends, you need to advance to the next leg to get extra time. Finally is the normal mode, the riders drive the motorcycle to compete, the first person to the finish line will win.Game Real Bike Racing Mod

10 motorbikes

Currently, Real Bike Racing Mod owns 10 different motorcycle models. They are all designed based on real-life cars. From the style to the color, at the same time very well finished. There are some types such as AG54, YMH256, etc. The performance of the cars is shown through 3 parameters. Including top speed, acceleration time, and braking distance. To own a favorite motorcycle. You need to use the money accumulated from previous races. Each car will need a different amount of money to be able to unlock. After that, you can customize the color of the car according to the desired style. At the same time can use the money to upgrade power. Helps motorcycles increase performance, thereby being more efficient in the race.Download Real Bike Racing Mod

Experience each motorcycle race in the Real Bike Racing Mod game. You also have the opportunity to explore many different racing terrains. Currently, the game has 9 racing terrains, designed to be very realistic. Expressed through the context and surroundings. Each track has many sharp and dangerous turns. If you are not careful, you can be thrown off the road. No matter what terrain motorcycle racing in. You need to be aware of the lanes off the track. Moving over can help shorten the distance, making it safer when entering bends. But the speed of the vehicle will be gradually reduced, even out of balance. That will give the opponent a chance to pass.

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