PUBG MOBILE 0.22.0 Menu/Auto Headshot

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Needless to say, PUBG mobile game is quite popular among worldwide gamblers. Besides the successful original version, Tencent continues to release the PUBG mobile (Mod,Menu/Auto Headshot). The lite version is treated as a miniaturized version of the original, keeping the essence like the basic features and gameplay but eliminating some of the details and reducing the hardware requirements.


Like the original version, PUBG Mod is still set on a battlefield where all players are embodied in characters parachuting from a plane. There is no way back, and you need to survive at any cost. Knock down anyone that you encounter with a headshot to be the last one existing on the island.

You will need to equip yourself with weapons to survive during the fierce battle. Weapons, armor, helmets are scattered all around, find and collect them in random buildings. It is noted that the Safe Zone will progressively narrow down, so you had better find a safe place in order not to quit the game due to blood loss. You can also use vehicles to move much faster.

Why Choose the Lite Version?

Compared with the PUBG Mobile Version, the pubg lite mod apk has some significant differences, including the size of the download file, the size of the map, and the number of players, which can be adaptable to multiple devices with a limited capacity.

File Size

PUBG mobile lite app has a much smaller file size than that of the original version. To be precise, the size of the lite app is just more than 200 MB, while the original version is 1.64 GB. Furthermore, some details of the original version are eliminated so that the lite app can run more smoothly and stably on your device.

Map Size and the Number of Players

The map size in the lite app is twice as small as the original version’s one, with 4km x 4km. In addition, the number of players in the game is reduced to a maximum of 40 players, allowing players to increase the possibility of winning.

Keeping the same weapon system, the pubg mobile hack download offers players a rich source of weapons ranging from shotguns, AKs, to K98s, and so much more.

Optimized Graphics

The graphics are optimized to meet the demand of choosy players. Instead of the basic and rough trees, grass, and buildings, the lite app did an excellent job of optimizing the graphics in PUBG Mobile Lite. Although using Unreal Engine 4 technology, the effects in the lite version are still vague. The sound of the game is good, allowing players to contact fellows easily.

Download PUBG Apk + Mod for Android

All in all, pubg mobile lite download hack app is a great choice for low-end devices. You can experience the game for free by clicking the download link on our site. Join the battle and become the winner of the game!

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