Prison Empire Tycoon 2.5 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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Prison Empire Tycoon is a simulation game developed by the game publisher Codigames. Speaking of this publisher, perhaps we are no longer strangers. Because before that, we are known for famous games such as Hotel Empire Tycoon, Idle Police Tycoon, etc… The charm and quality of these games is no need to discuss anymore. And this gameplay is no exception. Only when launched, with new, attractive gameplay. Has quickly attracted a large number of players, earning tens of millions of downloads on mobile. Up to now, it has reached more than 10 million downloads on the Android operating system. The gameplay is quite interesting when revolving around a gloomy prison, imprisoning aggressive, dangerous prisoners, which are the evils of society. However you can develop prisons,

Download Prison Empire Tycoon Mod – Become a rich business tycoon

When you first enter the game Prison Empire Tycoon Mod you will be a manager and own a small-scale prison. With your intelligence and thinking ability, you can develop the size of the prison more broadly. To be able to increase revenue and bring more profits. Prison management seems simple, but it’s really not that simple at all. The ferocious prisoners growled all the time and had a bad attitude. Or the prisoners who always conspired to escape from the prison. You must be careful in each stage of strict guarding. Like a boss, you will manage activities such as Prison rules, prisoners’ drinks, food, hours of life, etc. … Make your private prison thrive. strong, scale more.

prison empire tycoon mod

Control over prisoners

Take control of all prisoners’ activities and always make sure they are kept in a strictly guarded prison. A new inmate who will not be able to tolerate the rules of the cell may attempt to escape. So please let the new names move. If you let someone escape, you will be deducted and reduced points. So please use torture towards inmates who have a bad attitude or plan to escape. Besides, you also need to pay attention to their psychology and emotions to avoid death in prison. Please care and talk to them more. Do not use too much torture on them because it will cause aversion to you.

game prison empire tycoon mod

Prison upgrade

We have seen and known prison is a dark, dark, damp place, etc. ……. Stench always surrounds the room. And in Hack Prison Empire Tycoon is no exception. There is a need to improve the prison so that the prisoner has a more comfortable place to live. Put your place on the prisoners, giving them the closest and most friendly feeling. That way, they will be reformed and stay in prison. Upgrading starts from the smallest details such as the bed, dining table, toilet, etc … Then upgrade the security system more strictly, recruiting more people to manage more closely. Strict security is a tool to quell the prisoner’s conspiracy to escape. This will help your prison’s reputation extend further.

Prison Empire Tycoon mod

Graphics and sound

Prison Empire Tycoon runs on a 3D graphics platform for vivid, sharp image quality in every detail. The realistic and objective visual effects give players the feeling of a real prison. Real images of new experiences will bring you more entertaining and relaxing moments. At the same time, the sound of the game is also very lively and attractive. The inmate’s screams, the crows, etc … Very real, and especially the background music of the game helps to increase the drama’s drama and appeal.

game prison empire tycoon mod hack

Prison Empire Tycoon turns players into a prison management boss, with a new, attractive, highly entertaining gameplay. Build, upgrade, and grow the scale of the prison. Take your reputation everywhere and more prisoners will be brought to your prison. You will get a higher source of income. Download Prison Empire Tycoon Mod to grow your prison on a larger scale, becoming a business strategy tycoon.

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