Pou 1.4.96 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Pou Mod is a game with a caring style. But here is not caring for an ordinary animal, but a creature that is not real. Only built according to the imagination of the game maker, so the shape is very simple. The game is developed by Zakeh, you just look from the outside, don’t judge quickly. Although it looks simple, the image is nothing too special, but the game has very good gameplay. Up to now, there have been many downloads with up to 11 million people who have tried to play. You will also find it interesting to play, take care of and raise that creature into a lovely pet. Let it play sports, minigames, as well as when sick, the clothes are all yours to decide. Stick like friends, give it the conditions to grow.

Download Pou Mod – Cute Pet Care

To play the game Pou Mod you must be very clear about what is necessary and what is secondary. Taking care of your Pet is the main issue, helping it to grow quickly, not to get sick. Let it have the best life like other creatures, even though in reality it doesn’t exist. Through the game, everything about that pet is decided by you, bathing, putting to sleep are all daily tasks. Buying food and drinks also needs to be customized, just for the purpose of keeping your pet up and healthy every day. Or sometimes also need to be checked, to know the health situation, if you find that you are sick, you need to take it to treatment. Pay attention to it regularly, in order to promptly detect the risk of harm to the Pet, know and take care of it. You do not need to worry, what are the necessary requirements,Tai Pou Mod

Food Variety Đồ

Already a care-following game, related to the development of a Pet, creating a relationship between people and pets. To be able to grow or to grow, to live, any living thing needs to be well fed. It’s not just your pet in the game Pou Mod. As well as to make the game more interesting and interesting, there is a system of many different dishes to meet the pets. From the famous savory dishes around the world to the drinks and smoothies included. Or even fruits with different types of fruits for dessert are also included in the food system in this game. As long as the pet requires it, it must always be available, so that your pet can get the best conditions.Game Pou Mod

Change Your Pet’s Appearance

Pou Mod has a whole store, specializing in accessories for your pet, adding more character. Since there is only one character, the thing that determines the pet’s identity is completely based on the decorations. Only with the costumes, the shirts of all kinds and different colors have changed the appearance. Not to mention items like glasses or hats, you have to watch to combine the right clothes to create a standout point. Or add hair, beard then you will see your pet’s appearance. Almost completely changed from the original, become much more beautiful.Pou Mod

Mini-Games Increase Interactivity

Not only does it stop at taking care of each pet, but there is also a mode to increase interactivity. Includes different mini-games of all kinds to help increase health. Tolerance and less illness for your pet. In addition, the small games in Pou Mod also show the good combination between you and the beast, helping to earn some money. To be able to buy the necessary items in the store, such as clothes, medicine, food. The mini-games are just simple, mostly created based on the classic games, have certain names. Such as diamond games, racing, windsurfing. Sports games such as catching the ball, using agility. But the images of those games have all been changed to better suit the context of the game.Download Pou Mod

Pou Mod has been designed with some new features so that you can play more comfortably, no longer constrained. You don’t have to work hard to plow the game every day to get a little money, a new amount to buy the necessary equipment. Mod Unlimited Money so that players can buy more items in the store comfortably, they can own them as they like. Unlike the original game, you only need to buy the things you really need, to let the pet grow. Or the Unlock feature makes all the functionality the game was designed for users. You no longer have to work to unlock it to use and exploit everything the game has designed.

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