Postknight 2 Mod APK 1.5.3 (Menu, Godmode, One Shot Kill, Movespeed x1

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Join Postknight 2 Mod now and learn how to become the most talented delivery man. This game belongs to the classic role-playing style but is combined with adventure. It will impress you with a dense but super funny mission system. Have you ever thought of becoming a delivery warrior instead of a frontline hero? It sounds crazy, but it makes perfect sense. Because on the delivery journey, the warrior will have to fight with dozens of different enemies. Make an effort to fight the strange monsters to deliver the goods to the right place and on time. The missions will get harder and harder as the enemies get bigger and stronger with each level. At that time, you will have to upgrade your warriors with new weapons and equipment. Continue through the quests and discover the power and humorous story pieces in the classic world.

Download Postknight 2 Mod – Become a delivery warrior in a fantasy world

Adventure through the trails and deliver goods to your customers in the classic fantasy world, that’s your mission in Postknight 2. It offers a different experience from the usual RPGs. But this novelty makes many gamers excited. Its appeal comes from the rich character system with unique skill sets and fun skins. Moreover, the game also integrates story pieces between adventures. You will have the opportunity to discover interesting content between the characters and unlock new fascinating quests daily. Play hard to discover all available characters and build a special bond between them, or even build an adorable delivery squad.


Explore dozens of quests from easy to difficult

You start the game as a Postknight delivery intern. To become the most talented delivery person, you will have to go through master’s training that includes dozens of different levels. You’ll start with the easiest level to get used to, but after that, get ready for a much tougher challenge. Your task is to deliver the goods to the right place in the allotted time. In that journey, you have to overcome crazy monsters with your skills. After completing the mission, you will unlock new missions and level up. Just like that, your delivery warrior will progress from an amateur to an S-rank (top-level) Postknight.

The warrior’s skills will include attack, defense, and recovery. Gamers need to know how to take advantage of these skills in each combat situation to gain an advantage. Besides, the skills will change when combined with different weapons and shields. Therefore, you should learn many powerful combos to deploy on your battle journey. About the control, the character will automatically move from left to right, and your job is to choose the skill. Such a simple control mechanism will help many gamers approach quickly.


Upgrade your character, unlock new content

Postknight 2 Mod brings many delivery warriors with unique skill sets. Each has its own beauty, and at the same time has the ability to use unique weapons. Choose your favorite warrior and upgrade them with the right equipment and weapons. From there, upgrade their strength to be ready for more difficult battles over time.

During the battle, try to collect as many gold coins as possible to exchange items and use for upgrades. Besides, after each trip, you will have the opportunity to meet interesting NPCs and chat with them. These conversations are visually depicted with photos and well-written text, making for a fun and suggestive stories that are well worth exploring.


Colorful 2D graphics with a fun design

The game is designed on a simple but vivid and colorful 2D graphics platform. The warriors have a unique and fun appearance, along with funny expressions and super cool fighting actions. In addition, the combat effects are also very impressive, the game context changes flexibly through each screen. The dialogues are elaborated quite carefully, creating funny stories but with depth. The background music in the game is always cheerful, creating excitement to play for a long time without getting bored.


So, if you like witty role-playing games, then you shouldn’t miss Postknight 2 Mod. Come here and test what it feels like to be a delivery warrior, fight enemies and overcome dozens of dangers to deliver the goods to the right destination. Constantly upgrade your warriors and unlock unique equipment and weapons. Also discover interesting stories between NPCs and unique game settings from deep forests to icy mountains, royal palaces, and more.

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