Postknight 2.2.33 (Menu, Unlimited Money, God Mode)

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Postknight Mod is an exciting role-playing game, for adventure gameplay lovers. Play as a knight of the kingdom to carry out transport missions. The game is designed in a bit small size but re-enacts the most attractive elements of a role-playing game. Can fit any mobile device. From the mission to the control system, along with the time that takes place during the game. In particular, players do not have to spend a lot of time exploring all the features of an RPG game. Instead, the game is divided into several small parts. So that players can experience the most outstanding points in each part. As recommended by the publisher Karachi. To be able to experience the game in the smoothest and most stable way. Players need to have at least 1GB of free storage space.

Download Postknight Mod – Become a Knight for Delivery Missions

The story of Postknight Mod revolves around a knight. With the scene unfolding in a large kingdom, called Krystal. Here, the knight received the task of delivering orders to the required locations. Meet NPC characters in the kingdom, accept quests from them to start the adventure. During that journey, the knight had to face many difficulties and dangers. The presence of the animals affects the delivery process. In order to keep moving forward, the knight had no choice but to fight. Defeat the beasts to continue the adventure. Complete the task, by delivering the order to the consignee. Join the game, you play as a knight to start the adventure. Through delivery missions, you will discover new lands in the kingdom.Postknight Mod

The process of performing the task

Get quests from NPC characters in Postknight Mod. Start on the adventure to carry out the delivery mission. You move on a land full of dangers. The beasts will appear to stop you from moving forward. Use the knight’s skill to attack. Also, collect gold coins from the beasts, gold coins will appear after the beast is destroyed. Take turns overcoming the obstacles of the beasts. Meet the character waiting to receive the goods at the final location. After completing the quest, you will be able to open a treasure chest. There is a chance to get purple diamonds or some items. The time for each mission is not much, the travel distance is certain. But you will definitely have to fight to complete the delivery mission.Game Postknight Mod

Difficulty, boss fight

After completing a delivery mission in Postknight Mod. You will continue to receive new quests, enter new adventures. With more difficult tasks, as well as increased danger. Faced with beasts with stronger fighting abilities. Along with their number is more than the previous quests. Even in some missions, you will have to face the boss. With outstanding combat ability. Can create great damage, durable defense, has a huge amount of health. Make the knight work hard to fight the boss in a 1vs1 battle. Use all the skills learned. Attack and defeat the boss to complete the assigned task. From there will get a lot of gold coins and rare items.Postknight Mod

Equipping the Knights

Weapons, armor, helmets, and shields are the 4 types of equipment that can be collected or crafted in Postknight Mod. The game offers a lot of different types of equipment for each type for you to explore. Equip the character to increase the ability to fight in the wars. From there will complete the task in a faster time. Each type of equipment has its own stats. For example, weapons will help the knight increase damage when attacking. Or armor, hat, and shield increase defense and health. Not only that, after equipping it will help the knight change his appearance. Look more prominent when participating in delivery missions.Download Postknight Mod

Knights in Postknight Mod have outstanding combat abilities. With 2 main skills, including attack and defense. Your mission is to use skills to fight the beasts. Attack the enemy through the sword icon. Or defend against enemy attacks through the shield icon. At the same time, you need to distribute the stats of the knight, with different attributes. Including strength, agility, intelligence, and vitality. From there can complete the delivery task with the best achievement. Here, the time to complete the task will determine the achievement you achieve. The sooner you finish, the more rewards you get. You will also receive experience points. Help the character to be able to upgrade to a new level, have a better fighting ability.

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