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Police Sim 2022 Mod is a police patrol car driving simulator. You will play the role of a policeman. On duty to maintain order in the city, prevent dangerous criminals. This is a simulation driving game, combining action role-playing. Developed by Ovidiu Pop. Provides a lot of interesting features for you to explore. Diverse patrol car system, inspired by reality. Many different police officers, possessing realistic appearances. Vivid 3D environment, recreating a large city. The intuitive control mechanism, which is changed when you drive or control the character. It is also possible to change the first-person and third-person perspectives. Help you observe the environment, as well as experience the game more realistic. In particular, the game is constantly updated with new versions to increase novelty and attractiveness.

Download Police Sim 2022 Mod – Become a Policeman Driving a Patrol Car in the City

As a police officer, you will have to perform a lot of different jobs. Police Sim 2022 Mod provides a diverse mission system. Set in a large city. There are many criminals here. They operate in the background as a citizen of the city. Specializing in driving vehicles to carry out illegal activities. As a policeman, ensure the security of the city. You will have to stop the criminals. By driving a patrol car on the road. Detect unusual vehicles, driven by criminals. Chase and stop their vehicle to capture. Dramatic street chases will be recreated. Whether the city’s security is guaranteed or not depends on you. A policeman, on duty, to maintain order.Police Sim 2022 Mod

Diverse quest system

In the vast city of Police Sim 2022 Mod. You drive a patrol car on the road. There will be many different tasks to perform. Escort the police car, follow closely behind so as not to lose track. Support the police team to stop the fleeing cars. Challenge your driving skills in parking missions. What’s more, you can participate in intense chases. Feel the thrill and drama during the criminal pursuit. Or drive to track the suspect vehicle ahead. Take pictures of their criminal activity. The missions that take place will have different activities. In addition to driving to patrol the streets. Sometimes you will have to leave the car, directly performing the task. For example, criminals flee into areas with difficult terrain. You need to run to catch it.Download Police Sim 2022 Mod

Console, steering mechanism, change of view

The control interface of Police Sim 2022 Mod is intuitively designed. Depending on the activity taking place, when you drive or control the police officer. The control system will be changed accordingly. In the process of driving patrol car moving in the city. The basic functions of a vehicle are fully displayed. From turn signals, warning lights, wipers, hazard lights, priority lights, horns, hanging bridges. Until the gear lever, the navigation key moves and the system increases and decreases the vehicle’s speed. More interestingly, when driving a patrol car, you can choose the control mechanism. Includes driving as arrow keys or virtual steering wheel. You can even control the car by tilting the screen left and right. Not stopping there, through the camera icon. You can change the first-person or third-person perspective.Game Police Sim 2022 Mod

Police car system

Police Sim 2022 Mod provides a diverse police vehicle system. Including many types of cars from famous brands in the world. They are all inspired by reality. There are some patrol cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mc Laren, Porsche, etc. Or some Sedan cars like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, etc. There is even the appearance of super-selling cars. trucks and armored trucks. Very large in size and powerful in performance. Each car is designed to be extremely realistic. In particular, their performance is shown through the parameters. Speed, gearbox, engine, and defense. However, to own the cars you love. Will have to use the money to buy. Each car has a different price, the car has good performance, the amount to buy will be larger.Tai Police Sim 2022 Mod

Besides the patrol car system of Police Sim 2022 Mod. Players can also role-play as many different policemen. Each one is designed unique appearance. From skin color, hairstyle, face, to body shape and gender. At the same time, each policeman has his own advantages. It is expressed through a characteristic index such as the ability to catch criminals. The ability to escort and support teammates. Or the officer is in possession of all the available capabilities. Depends on the style of play, as well as the character you want to play. You can transform into the desired policeman. Then will start the street patrol mission.

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