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Perhaps when mentioning this strange name, many will wonder what Pokémon GO is? Pokemon Go is a virtual interactive app on Android and iOS smartphones. Niantic is the developer of this game and they are scheduled to release it in July 2016.

Pokémon GO is the most anticipated game of 2016. Right after its release, Pokemon Go has a worldwide concussion. Popularity is not only thanks to unique gameplay but also thanks to differences from other games.

In short, this game allows players to catch, train and exchange real-world virtual Pokémon. Although you can download this game for free, Pokémon GO sells $ 0,99 to $ 99,99.

Also, you can use Pokémon GO Plus bracelets. This is a gaming support device on your phone without unlocking the screen. This strange ring will notify players if there is Pokémon near by.

This app comes from Niantic – a multi-million dollar game company. Under the professionalism of Augmented Reality Niantic Inc, this game offers a unique experience.

The story

For you to have a better view of this game, Pokemon Go is an app that uses virtual interactive technology. So when playing this game, you need to have a smart mobile device. Your phone must have a network connection (3 G, 4 G) and need to enable GPS to check location.

What’s special is that virtual interactive technology is first applied to games. Instead of taking a seat, you’re going out, to parks, schools, hospitals to… catch Pokémon. Surely this game will give you an unprecedented experience.

This game has a storyline based on the content of the movie Pokémon Go. Very simple way to play. Each player will have to move to its original position using the Poke Ball orbit to find and recruit Pokémon along the way.

Players can easily recruit Pokemon species in this game as they are diverse. Each type will live in strange areas. However, their position is also predictable. For example, Pokémon water system will be near the river or sea. Players near the sea river area will meet them on your own map with specific locations called Milestone. Also, try a Google search to know what the strongest Pokemon is.

Just like in real life, when you go to other places, your map expands. Newer landmarks lead to the number of Pokémon you can catch rising. Especially, you can take your Pokémon to the gym and get a medal.

Playing Pokemon Go is easy. It both keeps you entertained, connected with friends, and keeps you physically active. What’s more exciting than ′′ going to new lands ′′ to discover, find and conquer divine Pokemon?

Featured characteristics

Here are some highlights of this game:

Bringing new experiences never before

This game is activated by camera on player smartphone and GPS signals. The game will show you wild Pokemon that are flooding the streets in the real world. Just walk around and you’ll collect a lot of Pokemon.

Pokebattle will appear if you trigger and touch them. With your agility, quickly catch up with Pokemon when it just appears. During gaming, players will increase their level and quickly become Pokemon Master.

Becoming a true Pokemon trainer

Are you a long time fan of Pokemon? Have you always wanted to experience how your coach feels? So here’s an app that can satisfy your desire. To collect new Pokemon, you have to fight wild Pokémon to catch them.

Players must throw Pokéballs on screen towards Pokémon. Ensure quick action when the color rings around and focus around them. Easy-to-catch Pokémon will show with green and yellow rings for moderate difficulty.

One thing to know when playing is the smaller the round, the higher the focus of the pitch. Pokemon can appear anywhere. But remember one thing you don’t have to risk in the real world to catch or fight Pokémon. They can appear in the most familiar places you didn’t expect, such as your own home or a familiar park.

But one thing is for sure the real joy comes from hanging out and exploring around as the key character in Pokemon. You’ll find different types of Pokémon lurking in the famous local parks, gardens, or historical sites.

There are many players who think player s’ matching will be the most important thing to find rare Pokemon types. To access Pokestops – Pokemart’s proxy for games – as quickly as possible, this is necessary. This will provide important items like Pokeball.

Breakthrough idea from famous developer

Experts think Pokemon Go’s success comes from ideas and technological breakthroughs. It’s great that Niantic can bring ′′ monster ′′ Pokemon into real life. They appear in familiar scenes in the player s’ everyday life.

The story of Pokemon is associated with the childhood of a lot of 8 x, 9 x. These are the big smartphone users in the world right now. Interesting gameplay and familiar graphics are all converged in Pokemon Go. Additionally, interactions between players have contributed to the irresistible attraction of the recent game.


How to log into the game?

There are 2 ways to log into Pokémon Go. If you don’t want to take long, then logging in with your Google account is the easiest way. Also, you can sign up for a Pokemon Trainer Club account. This account will send you monthly newsletters and regularly send codes that help unlock some special Pokémon characters.

Can I rename the characters?

In Pokémon Go, you will act as a coach. You can name your character after catching the first Pokémon with numbers and letters, but sorry you can’t change your character’s name right on the app but have to email your support website the developer.

Besides, you can also customize your character to your liking with skin color, hair color, clothes and accessories. But the custom options are still few.

Can I train Pokémon?

Yes. Yes. The game supports many items and tools that help you find, catch, train and upgrade your Pokémon. We can find them in the store or in some Pokéballs. Some support categories can be mentioned like

Lucky Eggs: Double experience points received after 30 minutes

Incubator: This is the item that incubates the Pokémon eggs collected during the play, however it requires you to walk a certain journey to hatch.

Lure Module: Also a ′′ flirting ′′ tool that helps Pokémon gather on PokéStop after 30 minutes, other players near PokéStop can also enjoy your Lure Module.

Items can be purchased with PokéCoins (an in-game coin), but to receive PokéCoins, pay the actual money to buy it in the package. So even if it’s called free game, pay if you want to be a ′′ pro Pokémon catcher “.

What is PokéStop?

PokéStop is marked with a blue dot on the map. Click and you will see images of buildings, monuments or parks appearing. Swipe these images and you will see some items you can buy like PokéBall or Pokémon eggs, use the incubator and it will hatch a new Pokémon for you.

Can I fight my friend Pokémon?

I can’t. The beta version of Pókemon Go only allows fighting in the gym.

How to power up Pokémon?

Most upgrades are through in-game items. You can buy a variety of items to power your Pokémon. To upgrade Pokemon, you must use special items. Experience points get when battling wild Pokémon, here’s how you can increase your training level.

Download Pokémon GO MOD APK free for Android

In short, Pokemon Go isn’t just a regular mobile game, and it’s not another Pokemon game. Pokemon Go is an entirely different beast than the game genres on the market today. Its like a king in his own world.
Is it surprising to catch Gastly in a stranger local park or before a sculpture you never knew about?
It’s not always that you feel the joy of discovering an unknown Oddish around you. A little secret of reality exists only in the palm of your hand, beside bell pepper in Tesco?
Undeniable, Pokemon Go doesn’t just give you an unprecedented method

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