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Come to Planet Smash Mod, a super addictive idle click action game! This game will take you on a galactic exploration and a campaign to destroy planets. Every time you find a new planet, you can touch it to attack. Until it completely disappears from the universe, you will find a new planet. Instead of attacking by clicking on the screen, you should unlock powerful weapons. There are dozens of different weapons that you should not miss. Choose the most suitable weapon to destroy every planet. The spectacular explosions will leave you with an unforgettable impression.

Download Planet Smash Mod – Destroy planets with advanced weapons

Space exploration becomes more exciting in Planet Smash. This game will make you fall in love with a series of beautiful planets in the galaxy. Each planet has its own beauty and structure, bringing diversity to the ecosystem of the universe. But you are not here to protect them, instead, find ways to destroy them to score points. Because of the different planets, you will need separate weapons to destroy them. The key to victory is to choose your weapon wisely. Besides, your hard work will determine your score.


Idle click mechanism

Like many other puzzle games, this title is built with idle gameplay mechanics in mind. You just need to “click” on the planet to launch an attack campaign. Available weapons will automatically attack the planet, causing holes in it until the planet disappears completely. Just like that, you will go deeper into new, more difficult challenges. Many new planets and new weapons are unlocked, helping you to explore the entire universe. After some levels, you will encounter the Boss.

Bosses are extremely hard to damage planets. They are protected by diamonds, precious stones, or special ropes. Therefore, to destroy the Boss, you need to defeat their defense. Only heavy weapons such as rocket rain, nuclear weapons, and ice bullets … will be effective in these wars. Each weapon will take a certain amount of time to cool down. So you need to use them at the right time and in the right way to maximize destruction damage.


Explore weapons and planets

There are dozens of different planets available in Planet Smash Mod. They will gradually be unlocked as the level progresses. In other words, each level will bring a planet. When you completely destroy a planet, you will have the opportunity to explore the new planet. Each planet has its own characteristics in terms of surface, color, shape, material, and more. Thanks to that, the game brings an endless sense of freshness throughout your experience. In particular, you must create an attack strategy to defeat each planet.

Different planets require flexibility in your strategy. You need to unlock and combine various weapons to destroy everything faster. There are 5 types of weapons, including Basics, Shot, Laser, Cold Ice, and Energy. Each weapon has its own effect and effect, so you have to learn about them carefully. Besides, to unlock weapons, you need to spend gold or gems. You will earn these currencies in the process of destroying planets. For unlimited currency, don’t miss the Mod version of this game.


Unlimited upgrades

There are 4 stats that need to be upgraded as you play this game. These are Power, CD, Gravity, and Accuracy. All stats are equally important and need to be upgraded from time to time. The Power stat shows the damage dealt in each turn. The CD stat represents the reload time of the weapons. The Gravity Index indicates the weight of the planet. And finally, the Accuracy stat indicates how accurate each weapon is. As such, you need to upgrade all stats to improve both damage, speed, and accuracy…


Enjoy the beautiful destruction effect

The process of experiencing this game will make you fascinated with a series of eye-catching effects. These effects come from the attacks of weapons on the planet. They will come with vibrant sound effects, stimulating your excitement even more. Besides, the diverse planetary system brings endless inspiration. You will always have a sense of curiosity about the next planet. That’s why this game is so addictive for every player.

Don’t miss Planet Smash Mod because it’s free to download to your phone. Just one download and you can access it anytime, anywhere. You will find here spectacular levels of destruction right on the screen. Just click on planets to attack and destroy them, then enjoy the beautiful effects. It’s simple right? But this experience will make you addicted in the long run.

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