Pixel Blade Revolution Mod APK 2.0.5 (High Skill Damage) Download

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Pixel Blade Revolution Mod is a role-playing game. Mixed action and idle elements. The game is experienced in offline mode, completely free. Set in a vast dungeon. With the appearance of many types of scary monsters. As a hero, you will have to enter the dramatic battle. Resist their fierce attacks. Only when defeating all monsters can survive, as well as complete the quest. Here, a series of interesting features are provided by the publisher PixelStar Games. From diverse weapon systems, many different types of equipment. Until the graphics are built extremely nicely. Designed as a classic Pixel. Combined with the simple control interface, help you idle fighting in the dark dungeon.

Download Pixel Blade Revolution Mod – Become a Hero to Fight in Dungeons

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod’s dungeon battle is level by level. Each level opens a war, divided into several different stages. Your mission is to control the hero to fight the monsters. Destroy them to move to the gate, continue to the next stage. The deeper you go into the dungeon, the more challenges you will face. Overcome attacks from monsters in turn. Advance to the final stage will face the appearance of a giant boss. With support from common monsters. Making the battle even more difficult. Dangerous challenges can cost the hero his life. After defeating the boss, defeat the minions. The task will be completed, and at the same time receive a lot of different loot.Ear Pixel Blade Revolution Mod

Auto combat, gameplay, and difficulty

Based on the open gameplay of Pixel Blade Revolution Mod. During the battle in the dungeon. You can fight in your own style. Use a health potion to heal every time the health is significantly reduced. Combined with the idle element, just move the hero, then it will automatically attack. Or use the Auto feature to heal and fight automatically. However, without the support of his teammates, the hero must fight alone. Face a variety of monsters with different abilities. Melee and ranged attacks as soon as you appear will rush to attack. Every time go to the next stage of a level. At the same time continue to start the war at a new level. The difficulty will increase gradually, the number of enemies is larger. Especially their attack ability and stamina are improved.Game Pixel Blade Revolution Mod

Weapon selection, skill learning

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod possesses a diverse weapon system. Through battles, it is possible to collect many different types. Each weapon is used to attack in a unique style. Allows you to fight according to character classes such as archers, warriors, knights, and assassins. Depending on the weapon used to play the role of the desired hero. For example, equip a bow and arrow to become an archer, attack long-range with a large amount of damage. Or become a warrior through the use of an ax. With the advantage of a melee attack, one can flexibly fight against fearsome monsters. Besides, through the playing levels, you also learn powerful skills. Used by heroes in battle. Also, after each use, it will take a short time to recover.Download Pixel Blade Revolution Mod

Types of equipment

Besides using weapons to role-play into the desired hero. Pixel Blade Revolution Mod also provides many different types of equipment. Includes armor, shoes, hat, gloves, cape. Defensive shields, rings, martial arts books, and wings. Each equipment has its own power stat. For example, equipping armor will increase defense. Help the hero withstand fierce attacks from monsters. Besides, the difference between equipment and weapons is shown through the number of stars and colors. In ascending order, normal, magical, rare, epic, and legendary. The rarer the equipment, the greater the power stats. Make the hero’s fighting ability superior.Pixel Blade Revolution Mod

Unlike the usual action role-playing games. Instead of using realistic graphics to recreate the battles. At Pixel Blade Revolution Mod the graphics are built in the form of Pixel 3D. Set in a dark dungeon in a large space. Sharp image quality. Shapes of heroes and monsters are designed in the Lego style. At the same time, the combat effectiveness is very impressive. Light effect every time the hero attacks or uses a skill. The combination of sound quality is dynamically changed, suitable for each action of the hero.

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