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The PickCrafter Mod simulation game is themed with resource mining. Open an attractive game for everyone to join. This is an idle game, powered by Fiveamp. With a series of unique features added. Have the opportunity to explore many valuable resource populations. By using the pickaxe to mine resources in multiple locations. Collect 3D Pixels to become a rich man. Along with that, sometimes you have to confront the boss in the process of performing the task. Collect precious artifacts or use the resources you get to craft. This game is built quite simply. But the experience brings interesting gameplay. Help you freely explore the vast lands of different populations.

Download PickCrafter Mod – Mining Resources In Populations

The gameplay of PickCrafter Mod is quite simple. Designed in an idle style, especially played in offline mode. Your only mission is to collect as many Pixel blocks as you can. Those are resource blocks used for crafting. Through the use of a pickaxe to mine. Dig resources in populations in the heart of the earth. Based on a simple control mechanism, very easy to use and work. You just need to touch the pickaxe to mine blocks. Swing the pickaxe to break the blocks into small pieces. At the same time in the mining process will have the opportunity to receive PPS. They can be used to craft resource blocks. With a time of hard work, you will inevitably accumulate a large number of resources. Complete the task excellently.PickCrafter Mod

Various types of resources

In the process of working, exploit the resources of the populations at PickCrafter Mod. You will accumulate a lot of different types of blocks. Includes silver, gold, diamond, amethyst, earth, and wood. There are some other types of resources that will be collected when participating. Each type of resource can be used for crafting. Craft artifacts and increase your mining power. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the extraction process. Each population will contain its own types of resources. Just like the soil in the lands. You never know in advance what will be collected. But if work hard from time to time. It is possible to accumulate a lot of 3D blocks. Furthermore, use the mythical machine with the assist feature. Will help you keep working even when in offline mode.Ear PickCrafter Mod

Compete with friends, more than 90 achievements

Although PickCrafter Mod is an offline title. You can completely play for free after downloading. But to increase the excitement, expect to enjoy the feeling of competition. Can connect to the network to compete with other players and friends. Compete with them to find the person who can mine the largest amount of resources. From there, the winners and losers will be divided. Especially, after many wins against friends or opponents. You will have a chance to make your name on the leaderboard of the best miners. Besides, go through the development stages in the process of gathering resources. There are over 90 achievements to be unlocked. Get each achievement in turn, over time. Gradually you will unlock all your personal achievements to achieve excellence.Game PickCrafter Mod

Various types of hoe, upgradeable

The pickaxe is the main tool, used to mine resources. At PickCrafter Mod, there are many different types of pickaxes for you to choose from. By using accumulated blocks or PPS. Picks can be crafted or unlocked. Their difference is not only in the outer appearance. Can be seen through colors such as red, yellow, blue, purple, and black, … There are many other types waiting for you to discover. Their ability is the main factor that determines the outcome. During a certain working period. The pickaxe with superior ability will gather more resources. But to own them will be very difficult. Or you can choose to upgrade to enhance your mining ability. Craft a valuable pickaxe to use in subsequent jobs.Download PickCrafter Mod

The graphics of the PickCrafter Mod game are quite simple. Designed in the classic Pixel style. Use Pixel points to create a space. Although the image quality is not impressive. But this is a unique feature of the classic Pixel game genre. Make every player involved have an enjoyable experience. Bring a new feeling, and increase the enjoyment. Along with that, the sound is simple, with unique melodies. Shown throughout the mining process. At the same time, the sound will be changed to suit the situation.

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