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PetrolHead Mod is an epic racing game that promises to make you feel the heat of speed. You can participate in the race on the asphalt while driving one of the most modern cars. Show off your steering on every track, cross highways, and buildings, and see the city at night. If you’re worried about your driving skills, simply spend some time practicing in Career mode. If you are ready and confident, the online mode will be the place for you to compete with online friends from all over the world. A series of impressive models will be your companion on all your trips. Don’t miss your chance to own them from the store and design them yourself with a range of unique accessories. Racing, exploring the city, and designing cars are your passion?

Download PetrolHead Mod – Become a steering master and challenge others

Despite being a racing game, PetrolHead seems to be more of a simulation. Because it enhances gamers’ inspiration when driving to adventure and explore the world rather than wild races. However, the feeling of speed is still there and you cannot ignore it. Choose your favorite racing car, then enjoy it on smooth asphalt roads and overcome a series of traffic challenges. The game has many things to explore, from the racing system, and accessories to maps and quests. Take your time to enjoy and write a new story of your driving journey here. Many other players can also join you. You can challenge them in fun races.


Multiple modes to enjoy racing

Driving in different modes is an opportunity for you to enjoy different sensations. For example, in practice mode, you can relax at your own speed to practice driving skills. It is simply a walk in the city or a speed test on the asphalt roads. Give it plenty of time to get used to the driving mechanics and master skills like drift, acceleration, braking, and more. When you are really ready to compete, you can enter the Online mode. There you will meet other friends and be able to communicate with them. People can brag about racing cars they designed themselves. Or join together in short races to challenge the driving skills of rivals.

Regarding how to control the car, it is not too difficult if you are an experienced player. There are 3 driving modes, including tilting the screen, using arrow buttons, or a virtual steering wheel. You can choose your preferred driving mode in the settings. Besides, there will be a few other features on the screen, such as a gas pedal, brake, horn, clock, map, and more. You can also choose to drive in the third or first person for a different experience. On the run, combine actions to drive safely and obey traffic rules. If it is a race, you need to control your speed well while keeping the car from unnecessary collisions.


Explore vehicle systems and accessories

PetrolHead Mod brings more than 80 amazing cars inspired by famous car brands in real life. You can see how cool they look in your store or garage. Cars with generous looks, striking colors, and powerful engines. That is the result that any gamer wishes to own as much as possible in his collection.

Besides, the game also integrates many unique accessories to customize the car. You can customize your car’s paint, wheels, rims, and even engine upgrades. It can all be done in your garage, but you need to pay for the accessories. Changing the appearance of the car will help you make a personal mark on the available models. While upgrading the engine will change the stats of the racing car, such as speed, acceleration, endurance, and more.


Realistic simulation world on 3D graphics

There’s nothing better than driving in a high-quality, realistic 3D world. This game will help you enjoy it while driving on epic streets. At night, the city appears beautiful with lights shining on asphalt roads, images of tall buildings, signs, road markings, car lights, and more. The movement of the car is also very smooth, the engine sound is realistic. So there is nothing to complain about the driving experience here.

PetrolHead Mod will be a great choice for those who love driving. It simulates a vivid 3D world for you to explore in your favorite cars. Don’t hesitate to enjoy it, but save your account to unlock the car and upgrade it to your liking. Show off your car in races to show off to your friends and have breathtaking speed races, why not?

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