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Become an animal designer when participating in the Pet doll Mod game. Players will be free to explore many different design activities. Freedom to be creative, customize animals according to your own ideas. This is a game of the Casual genre. Built based on 3D graphics. Combine a bright color system. Gives you a more vivid look. As well as providing a fun experience of being designed with animals. Despite being a simple game, the gameplay is not too outstanding. But players will not feel bored. Because the publisher Zoo offers a lot of unique features. With touch control mechanism to perform operations. Especially, there are more than 1000 decorative items for you to discover.

Download Pet doll Mod – Create an Animal According to Your Own Idea

The gameplay of Pet doll Mod is quite simple. Even if you are a new player, you can get acquainted as soon as you join. The content of the game is simply an animal design. Through your own ideas, it is possible to create a desired beast. There are no rules, nor are there certain steps. During the design process, you can choose from a variety of decorative items to customize. However, with a diverse system of decorative items. There are many different types to explore. Therefore, to be able to not miss any design options. You should follow each option in order. After completing the design process, create an animal of your own. Can continue to start a new design activity. Create another animal, with a more impressive appearance.Pet doll Mod

Head design

Coming to Pet doll Mod you are provided with more than 1000 different decorative items. Used to perform animal design activities. Start with face shaping, with lots of styles to choose from. After choosing the desired face type, it will continue to step into the next stages. Ears, eyes, nose, mouth, other facial colors, horns, mustache, and tail. Each department has many different options. Belongs to the parts of animals. You can design based on your own ideas and creations. From there it is possible to create the desired animal. After completing the design stages on the animal’s face. Will continue to start a new phase. Design the lower body of the animal.Download Pet doll Mod

Lower body design

The lower body of the Pet doll Mod is built very nicely. Not the bodies of animals. Instead, it is the human body part. It can be said that the publisher has combined two factors to make the game different. The head is designed with an animal, the body is designed with a human body. Similar to the facial parts of animals. The body has a lot of different options for you to design. Each of these options has a variety of options to choose from. Including inner shirt, outerwear, pants, skirt, full-body outfit, shoes. Even more interesting, is when you can equip eyeglasses and wings. Make animals stand out. To create an outstanding animal. You need to choose outfits with colors and styles that are compatible with your face.Game Pet doll Mod

Colors, free and paid options

In addition to the options to design the head and body. At Pet doll Mod you can also customize the colors of animals. Through a diverse color palette, with a lot of different colors. Typical like yellow, pink, brown, black, gray, blue, … Not stopping there, some options can also change the color. For example other colors on the face or dress. Colors can be customized to make animals more impressive. Also, a very overrated point in the game. It’s all the colors, as well as the design options. All are provided free of charge. You can completely use it without paying any fees. However, there is also some premium equipment that can be purchased from the store. Through the money received after completing the animal design process, it can be used to buy.Ear Pet Doll Mod

After creating an animal according to your own ideas. Pet doll Mod allows saving images in 1:1 resolution. You can also share it with your friends. What’s more, you can use animal images created by yourself as background images. Through saving as 16:9. Then it can be used as wallpaper for mobile devices. This is a pretty cool feature. Because you can keep the photos of the animals you designed.

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