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Path to Nowhere Mod is an SRPG game with an engaging story and a beautiful character system. These are the things that make the attraction of this new game. Join the game, you will become the new leader of a crisis control organization. In the apocalyptic setting when meteorites fall to earth, your mission is to protect humanity from radioactive monsters. But you do not need to go to war yourself, instead, you have the right to summon the most powerful warriors. Their beauty and charm will leave you spellbound. Moreover, their strength will keep you safe.

Download Path to Nowhere Mod – Lead prisoners and protect the earth

During the Apocalypse, most of the humans were radioactive and turned into abominations. You are the reluctant leader of MBCC – a crisis control organization. This organization is currently imprisoning criminals with hidden powers. It is you who will unleash their power and turn them into new-age warriors. In other words, you will lead the group of prisoners and protect the world from infectious people. This is a long and intense battle, but captivating and inspiring.


Battles with tower defense elements

The main content is about battles with strategic elements. In the campaign mode, you will find a series of missions corresponding to wars like this. In each war, your task is to gather prisoners and defeat the enemy. Enemies will move along certain lines and in waves with increasing numbers. Your group of prisoners must overcome all attacks if they want to stay safe and win. Winning will bring you rewards and the opportunity to unlock new missions and new episodes.

Before going to war, you need to gather prisoner cards (up to 6 cards). Then you will send them to the battlefield and arrange the formation. The arrangement of prisoners on the map is of particular importance. You need to understand the advantages of each prisoner to know where they should be placed. Furthermore, follow the on-screen instructions to understand the enemy’s movement well. You should have a comprehensive defense strategy on all sides to ensure the boss’s safety. After everything is completely arranged, you can just enjoy the battle without too much manipulation.


Explore the character system

Path to Nowhere Mod owns a long story consisting of many chapters and features a beautiful cast of characters. There are dozens of different characters and each has its own role. They are all called Sinners (prisoners). But in fact, they are the warriors in the squad to save humanity from the Apocalypse. Each prisoner will have a separate profile. You need to see their profile to better understand each of your prisoners.

Each prisoner has 6 important attribute stats, including HP, damage, defense, armor, speed, and critical rate. You can upgrade your character if you want to improve these stats, thereby improving the character’s strength. Besides, each character will own a unique set of skills. When reaching new levels, new skills are also activated and upgraded. Take the time to explore each prisoner’s skill set to find the right formation strategy.


Expand your story

As introduced, this game owns a well-organized and attractive storyline. You will have a chance to explore this whole story in level progression. The story will have many chapters, and each chapter will include many different details. In particular, the character system plays an important role in conveying these details. You can listen to them through dialogue or dubbing. Moreover, the quest system will lead you through many different battlefields and meet many new characters. Thanks to that, the story will be more and more open and interesting.


Anime style and full voice acting

It can be said that this game is one of the best games in anime theme. It is built with a dark and seductive anime style that sets it apart from the traditional style. The character image is extremely well-groomed from appearance, expression, and dialogue to voiceover. All characters are fully voiced in multiple languages ​​from Japanese to Korean, Chinese, and English. Therefore, accessing this game is not difficult.

Don’t hesitate to download Path to Nowhere Mod and enjoy it right on your phone. This game will take you on an epic adventure in the dark anime world. You will meet the most charming and powerful anime female prisoners. Moreover, you will accompany them in every war in the apocalypse. Unleash the hidden power within them to save all of humanity.

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