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Om Nom: Run MOD APK is a casual game of the endless running genre with the main character Om Nom coming out of the world of children’s animation. You will together with your character go through many challenges, overcome obstacles, fight enemies, collect gold coins, and reach the finish line with many rewards in hand.

Introduce about Om Nom: Run

Run endlessly with the main character coming out of the cartoon world, Om Nom


Om Nom is a classic children’s cartoon series. The half-frog-half-alien character is Om Nom who is extremely fond of sweet candies. Om Nom has tons of cute, lively expressions and has a whole world of his own with friends, crushes, and even cute enemies.

Om Nom series is loved by children all over the world because of its humorous content. Without too many lines or any complicated moves, the film opens up many contexts and lots of funny situations around Om Nom and friends. It is not surprising that this character becomes the main character of the Om Nom game series which is also quite famous on mobile. Today we will talk about the endless running game in this series, Om Nom: Run.


Om Nom’s initial mission is to collect as many gold coins as possible on the way. When the amount of gold is up to a sufficient level, you will unlock new characters with lovely expressions: different eyebrows, different clothes, new shoes… Om Nom is already cute, now it is much better, bringing more excitement to the player.

Along the way, Om Nom will have a chance to receive random items of high value in speeding up the character and collecting gold better, such as rockets, coin magnets, bouncy boots.

Overcoming all the above, what makes players stick around this game for a long time and always be in an excited mood with it is the unpredictable variety and richness of the challenges on the track.

The goal is to survive, run for as long as possible. Om Nom not only encounters enemies but also overcomes countless obstacles in the way. You must use all your ingenuity, flexible control, and keen observation eyes to identify these potentially dangerous things. Obstacles are different from terrain advantages. For example, when you encounter a jagged trap, you must dodge, but when you encounter a colorful staircase, you can rush up to have a chance to eat more gold coins.

The control operation is very simple. Like other endless running games, you will swipe from left to right or vice versa to help the character move sides, swipe up is to jump up, swipe down is to roll on the ground. That means with just one hand, you can still fully enjoy the game.

The context of Om Nom: Run also changes constantly, creating a lot of excitement for the players. Om Nom runs through busy streets, messy rooftops, underground tunnels, massive manufacturing plants… Each place has a completely different landscape, setting, and terrain. Each time a new game opens, you will be the one to decide your own “endless running” ability.

Later, Om Nom’s duties will increase more and more. Not only collecting gold coins, but you also need to pick up items scattered on the road to decorate the house for Om Nom later. At this time, you will see that you are so busy. In a split second when the scenery passes out, only distinguishing what an item/obstacle/coin is can confuse you. At this point, the game is no longer a mere endless run, but rather a much higher level of difficulty.

MOD APK version of Om Nom: Run

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Characters

Download Om Nom: Run APK & MOD for Android

The game has bright, cute 2D graphics like the style of the original animation. The later unlockable characters become more and more attractive. Om Nom: Run has simple control, the mission is continuously expanding, the context is constantly changing with many rich obstacles. Be careful to not get addicted!

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