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Set in 1896, Noblemen: 1896 Mod recreates fierce battles. Based on a deep plot about a commander. Leading the army to fight the enemy force. This is a large-scale battle on the dramatic battlefield. Recreated in a vivid 3D space. Especially, under the 3rd perspective from the back. You will have the most realistic view of battles in real-time. Along with that are the features provided by Foursaken Media. Will definitely help you feel satisfied when participating in this shooting action game. Diverse gameplay, characters can fight in many different styles. However, the game has a fairly high configuration. To be able to download and experience. Your device memory requirements must match the game’s configuration.

Download Noblemen: 1896 Mod – Large-scale Battles In 1896

Noblemen’s story: 1896 Mod takes place in 1896. Open a large-scale war, mobilized many different forces. Self-defense militias, along with the arrival of planes, missiles, and ships. Many other combat forces appeared in the battle of 1896. As a commander, your task is to lead the army forces to participate in the battle. Here, the results of the battles are based on your decisions. Because you are the one who makes the tactics, deciding the fighting style of the whole team. As soon as a strategy is given, it will immediately be applied to the entire army. To be able to win against hostile forces. It is necessary to have careful calculations, come up with an appropriate strategy.Noblemen 1896 Mod

Gameplay, Mission Accomplished

Noblemen Wars: 1896 Mod takes place in real-time. Each battle unfolds on a vast battlefield. With fierce competition between the two factions. Combat units are led by the commander. All armed to attack the enemy. As soon as the battle begins, stop only when the time is up. Or after the entire force of either faction is completely annihilated. The other side will win. Play as a gunman, cum commander of the army. Your mission is to lead the entire force to attack the enemy team. With the goal of shooting down all of them, causing them to perish on the battlefield. After winning, can get gold and metal coins. Continue to participate in the next war. Taking place on a new, larger-scale battlefield.Download Noblemen 1896 Mod

Environment, change attack weapon

During the battle of the Noblemen: 1896 Mod. Environmental conditions can affect the process of attacking enemies. In particular, unlimited ammunition can be used freely. However, the number of bullets in each magazine of the gun is different. Once fired, it will take a short time to cool down. During that time, you can use weapons for melee attacks. Using the equipped sword, compete against the enemy with sharp slashes. Besides, unlike other shooting games. The course of the battles was extremely tense. But there will be no support items appearing on the ground for you to collect. Instead, you can only focus on fighting, using all of your strategies and skills to destroy the enemy team.Game Noblemen 1896 Mod

Various campaigns

The scale of battle in Noblemen: 1896 Mod is much larger. The game offers a variety of different campaigns for you to explore. Includes air combat, revolving around hot air balloons. The battle between the fortresses of the two factions. With a solid defense system, the fortresses are equipped with firepower. The battle between units of soldiers on the vast battlefield. Or attack with guns, cannons with great destructive power. Or you even have the opportunity to participate in the battle at sea. Control ships to attack the opponent’s side. Each campaign opens in an environment, which has its own rules. To win the campaigns. You need to constantly change tactics to suit each battle.Ear Noblemen 1896 Mod

To recreate the wars on a large scale in the most realistic way. Graphics of Noblemen: 1896 Mod has been carefully polished. Vivid, sharp image quality. Helps you have the most realistic view when participating in battle. Combined with 3D effect. Shown through the movement of the character every time he moves. Along with ambient effects. For example, swaying grass blades, fireflies glowing in a dark environment. Make you feel like you are in a real battle. In addition, the sound design is very impressive. Gunfire erupted every time the forces attacked. Along with the shouts of the soldiers in the process of moving.

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