My Talking Angela – Become a pet nanny (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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My Talking Angela is an entertainment game that has been famous since its launch. This game really when new is like a blockbuster hit in the MOBA game world. If you are a lover of domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, etc… Then this game was born for you. Become a nanny and take care of them like a real pet. You can feed them, take them to the bathroom, go shopping for clothes, etc. Or in your free time, in this gameplay, there is also a very diverse game system with many extremely interesting games. You will have new experiences beyond being a nanny. And I’m sure of one thing that in the childhood of anyone in the 2x generation, they know this game, especially girls. Because My Angela cat is very cute and attracts the attention of children.

Download My Talking Angela Mod – Become a pet nanny

My Talking Angela Mod throws players into a cat family where your pet is Angela. This game was launched in early 2012 and to date has earned more than 500 million downloads on mobile. A terrible number and that is also confidence for the players. Take care and nurture your cat. They also have the same evolution and growth as in real life. The points that are extremely interesting and attract players in this game are. Our cats can hear and speak according to your words. With animal sound effects you will hear cute and attractive sounds. You can also take your cat to interact with the pets of other players around the world. Interesting, is not it? Download this game right away and raise a pet for your family right away.

my talking angela mod

Care for Angela

Because it is a pet that is pampered, our activities, as well as entertainment, must be taken care of. When they first come in, they are still very small in size and you need to buy food and help them perform activities such as: Eat, bathe, go to the toilet, go out, etc. Take them out to the play area. entertainment to earn money to buy food as well as buy new costumes for them. Notice the emoticons displayed on top of them. Those symbols represent what they want to say.

game my talking angela mod

A place to make you laugh

In daily life after tiring working hours, I often go to Hack My Talking Angela for entertainment. Because here is where I get the generals laughing, having moments of relaxation and fun. Tom’s symbols will make you laugh right away. Maybe when you go to eat, you feed them something with hot peppers, they will breathe fire very funny. Or when you touch their face, they will have extremely innocent emotions. And there are many more interesting things from this pet, please slowly explore.

Many unique costumes

I have to tell you that the pets here are more pampered than humans. Not only being cared for enthusiastically, not taking care of the house, but pets in My Talking Angela can also wear extremely colorful costumes. Moreover, there is a very spacious and airy private house. Depending on the personality and preferences of each person, decorate your pet with appropriate clothes. Prices range from high to low, depending on the luxury of the item. There are items that you have to accumulate for a long time to be able to afford to buy them because it is very beautiful.

game my talking angela mod hack

Rich game system

In this game, in addition to being a nanny for Angela, you can also play extremely attractive games it. You can play puzzles, smash rabbits, race cars, etc. There are more than 30 different games for you to experience completely free. Moreover, the game publisher is constantly updating with new games. You will enjoy making money from playing extremely interesting games. However, a small note for you. That is when playing for a long time, your cat will run out of energy and become sleepy, you need to buy a sleeping pill for them to be able to continue playing.

My Talking Angela gives players extremely quality relaxing moments. And it is also a pet that always accompanies and stays with you wherever you go. But 1 point is annoying and I believe that any player using the regular version will also feel inhibited. That is, making money in the game is quite easy, but the items sold in the game are very expensive. It is very difficult for players to buy the items they like. So, do not hesitate to download the My Talking Angela Mod version right away. Unlimited money to buy all the costumes, the items that you like completely free.

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