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Build a world of your own in the game My Little Universe Mod. You are like a god, able to perform all different activities. To be able to create a world is not an easy thing. Requires a lot of time, as well as effort in the construction process. In particular, you do not get support from other players. Can only do all the work alone. With a very large amount of work, it will take a long time. Not only that, in the journey to build a miniature universe. You will be hindered by a lot of factors. Especially protozoa. Their purpose is to destroy your plans to create a world of your own. The game belongs to the casual game genre, but the gameplay is extremely diverse. With a lot of activities going on, around the theme of building your own world.

Download My Little Universe Mod – Exploit Resources To Build A New World

Accompany the character in My Little Universe Mod to begin the journey of world-building. You are equipped with a pickaxe, possessing physical power from the arm. With the task of exploiting resources in many different areas. There are more than 15 types of resources for you to exploit. They appear all over the place in the early world. Stones, crystals, diamonds, gold, silver… and much more. Leaning on the hoe in use in his hand. You need to exploit as many resources as possible. Because they are the factors to be able to develop and build the world. Resources are extremely rich, along with difficult challenges. Not simply mining, you also have to fight the creatures. Only when defeating them if unfortunately encountered. You can continue to exploit resources.Game My Little Universe Mod

There are 10 types of environments, the starting point

At My Little Universe Mod, there are 10 types of environments. Shown in different colors. Typically, the natural environment, the soil environment, the rocky environment, etc. Each environment owns many resources. For example, the natural environment, owning wood resources. The soil environment possesses stone and gold resources. Or some other environment, possessing rare resources. At first, your starting point is from the natural environment. To expand the territory, as well as open up new environments. You need to exploit resources in the existing environment. After collecting enough numbers, a new plot of land will be opened. Gradually, collect a sufficient amount of resources in different areas. Will open up a new environment, along with the appearance of many new resources. Over time, you will create a world of your own.Tai My Little Universe Mod

Fight with 8 types of enemies

On a journey to mine resources to build a world in My Little Universe Mod. You will have to face proto-organisms. They appear in many different environments. Will rush to attack to prevent you from exploiting resources. There are 8 types of creatures you will face. Including snowmen, giant ants, alien mushrooms, swordsmen, etc. You will even have to fight giant monsters. It possesses outstanding strength, the ability to fight persistently. If you are not careful, you may have to sacrifice your life for the journey to build a miniature universe. Every time an enemy appears, a battle will open. To be able to survive and continue to exploit resources. You have no choice but to fight. Because even if they run away, they will chase them anywhere.Download My Little Universe Mod

Industrial facilities, weapons manufacturing

Over time resource mining takes place in My Little Universe Mod. New environments and new lands will be opened. At the same time, civilization is also developing more and more. At the same time, industrial facilities will be unlocked. They will help you handle resources. By melting metal, process minerals. Especially create new weapons to increase mining ability. As well as higher damage in battles. Here, the ax you are using can reach 8 different levels. Or you can craft the Excalibur sword. Through the use of resources to craft.My Little Universe Mod

The gameplay of My Little Universe Mod has a mining style. Join the game, you need to exploit all kinds of resources. Collecting enough will unlock a new plot of land. Each plot of land requires a different amount and type of resource to unlock. Depends on the environment of that plot. At the same time the location of the resource types after mining. They will be restored after a certain amount of time. The game does not require too much skill. Because your mission is simply tapping to unlock. However, there will be a lot of activity going on during mining. As well as having to move constantly to be able to quickly build a world of its own.

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