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My Cafe is suitable for those who have passion and interest in the beverage business. Gameplay for players to become the boss of a coffee shop in the big city. When you first entered the game, your shop was very small, few customers came to buy. The player’s task is to develop a bigger and stronger store. Attracting a large number of customers, bringing revenue to the restaurant. Instead, invest in hiring multiple sales staff. Buy automatic coffee machines. There are guests who want to mix their own special flavors. Meeting the needs of customers, gradually, your shop will attract many people to support. In addition to the main drink, coffee, you can add many other types such as Fruit juice, smoothies, milk tea, etc… Make the menu more diverse and richer.

Download My Cafe Mod – Become a cafe manager

The price of each item is decided by you. Please refer to the general price from other stores. Or you can also sell at a higher price than the floor price. If you are confident in the quality of your coffee shop, then do this. At the beginning of the chapter, it is possible to sell a little lower price, create promotions to attract more to your store. Ensure the best service quality. When customers feel satisfied, satisfied, they will come to your shop more. The quality of each cup of coffee depends on how it is prepared. My Cafe Mod creates a number of difficulties, requiring players to find something new and unique that no one else can do. You should research, explore and create exclusive coffee recipes, bearing your own brand. Their customers are always eager to experience new things, delicious and quality drinks. Not only becoming the owner of a coffee shop. You are also like a bartender. Let’s start the journey of business in the field of coffee right now.

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Business plan

In order for your store to grow, you need to have a specific strategy and business plan. All activities must have the ultimate goal of making a profit. However, when starting a business journey, this factor cannot be set high. Because it is necessary to use a strategy of lowering product prices as bait to attract customers. After a period of time, the number of customers coming to the shop is more stable, you can use new strategies such as Market penetration strategy, potential market development, product development, general growth strategy. , etc…. Along with many other great strategies. Each business plan will bring a certain effect. If you want the store to grow stronger, learn in detail the information and characteristics of each strategy.

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Expand the scale, develop the store

After the store has developed stably, the number of customers is increasing day by day. You should invest more equipment, machinery, and employees to expand your store chain. Accelerate revenue growth by increasing the cost of products. Open more stores throughout the city. But if you want all projects to be successful, you must have a specific and detailed plan. Offering many different action plans, when facing risks, they can be handled easily. Try to grow, open as many stores as possible. Bring your coffee brand further, spread everywhere. Income will increase rapidly. Train employees to always work hard and take care of customers. If you see someone who has a bad attitude towards guests, you should fire them immediately. Such people will affect the reputation of the restaurant. Attention:

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Chat with customers

Customers who come to your store will have many different moods and emotions. Talk to them to understand that you can share your guests’ thoughts, joys, and sorrows. They come from many different social classes. Regularly take care of your beloved guests so that they feel more shared, sympathetic, and happy when they come to your shop. At the same time, players will also discover and understand more things in life. Many valuable lessons, useful knowledge. The rate of customers coming back to your store for the second time is very high if this is done well and regularly.

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Selling and doing business offline at the store seems boring but is actually extremely attractive. My Cafe opens a fun and bustling cafe space. Every day, I meet and interact with many people from different walks of life. You can have a business to earn income, and have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs. Download My Cafe Mod to become the biggest cafe chain manager in the city.

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