Money Rush Mod APK 4.0.1 (Unlimited Money, No ADS)

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Money Rush Mod is a literal cash rush. It includes many fun levels for you to test your math skills. Your task is to control the money blocks moving through the doors. Choose the right path to multiply your money instead of being subtracted and losing. You need money to shop, unlock and upgrade buildings in town. Buildings continuously generate profits as you upgrade, thereby helping you become an idle economic tycoon. Simplicity and relaxation are what you get when playing this game. Moreover, the game will help you train your calculation ability and quick reflexes. Do simple math problems give you a hard time? Try the game to get the answer. The game is free to download and play on your phone.

Download Money Rush Mod – Enjoy the cash rush on the run

Money Rush is a great game for gamers who love simple and addictive gameplay. It is suitable for all players, including children and adults. The content of the game revolves around running tracks where your money is the athlete. How do you have to run to get richer and richer and unlock new unique runs? Thus, every run is a real cash rush. If played correctly, you will become a tycoon after this fever. Earn money just by tapping and swiping on the screen, simple right? But the challenges will be increasingly complex, requiring your alertness and calculation skills. Getting rich is not difficult, but can you afford to keep up with this money rush?


Challenge your math skills

Basically, the game gives you hundreds of different levels. At each level, your task is to collect as much money as possible to increase the amount in your account. Starting at the starting line, you will control your block of cash or coins to move on the track to reach the finish line. On the run, you will pass through different doors. At each door, there are two paths to go through and you need to make the right choice to multiply or add the amount many times. For example, if a door has two options x2 and +20, which would you choose? Or when there are two paths including :3 and x3, it’s pretty easy to choose, isn’t it? And lots of other interesting options built around simple math.

Just simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculations, can they be difficult for you? Things are not too difficult when the speed of the track is slow. But the later, the faster the speed, you need to calculate quickly to make a decision within seconds. Then you can make a mistake. If the mistake is not too serious, you can still continue to run with the existing money. But if you lose all your money, you will have to return to the starting line and play again. Keep your sanity to go to the finish line with the biggest amount possible. Earned cash or coins will be credited to your account. The more you play, the more money. This is your chance to become rich.


Unlock new skins and locations

Money Rush Mod brings a lot of unique skins. Specifically, skins will include 3 different types, cool, sweet, and epic. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the skins you want. It could be a military coin, a crown, a wheel, an orange, and even a cookie. These Skins will replace your block of cash or coins. They don’t have any special skills but at least, they refresh your run, right? So skins are always something that makes us try to play hard and accumulate money to shop.

But your money can not only be used for shopping, it can also be used for investments. You can buy back structures like restaurants, museums, resorts, parks, and more. By upgrading them, the buildings will become more and more complete and can generate profits for you. No need to touch to manage, your business models automatically run and drive money to your account. Making idle money like this is really easy to play. So, you will become rich faster with this form of investment.


Bright background, funny pictures

As a game with simple gameplay, this game possesses a rather rudimentary design style. The details in the game are described by colorful squares. The track image, coins, paths, and game scene all look very casual. But with many colorful colors, these images also impress the players. The music is light and upbeat, contributing to a feeling of relaxation.

So, are you ready to witness a real money rush in Money Rush Mod? You can join it now to monetize your computing power. Make quick calculations to choose a wise path, multiply your money many times and use it for business investment. There are hundreds of money routes for you to get rich unlimited.

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