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Money Rush Mod is an addictive puzzle game that you definitely don’t want to miss. Just touch your hand on the screen to control the coins to go through the matching portals and score points. Can you score a record at each level on the leaderboard? You will play hundreds of levels from easy to difficult but the gameplay remains the same. The speed of the game will increase and more difficult challenges are waiting for you at each level. Practice becoming a talented “money player” to own a huge vault and high position on the global rankings. Don’t forget to save your coins to unlock unique money skins.

Download Money Rush Mod – the game owns hundreds of addictive levels

Coming to Money Rush, you can start playing from the very beginning without going through any tutorial. Because the gameplay of the game is really simple, just touch the screen and swipe left or right. The most impressive feature of the game is that it has hundreds of levels and a unique skin system. It can run in online mode and is often accompanied by ads for rewards. Ads are really annoying, but you will be more comfortable with the Mod APK version of the game here.


“Hunting money” to accumulate points and improve your position

The player’s task at each level of the game is to control their coins on the run from the starting point to the finish line. Along the way, you’ll come across portals that allow you to add to or subtract from your existing funds. So, if you want to increase your money and increase your score, you need to make the right choices. When reaching the destination, the coins will continue to be added in random amounts.

The most important thing to win in Money Rush is the ability to observe and calculate quickly. It is addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division that looks simple but sometimes confuses you. There will be ports that allow adding money like x0.75, x2, +200c … and many others like that. However, there will also be ports that lose some of your money such as :0.75, :2, -175c, … In addition, it also has ports that do not change your money, such as x1, :1…

Each game level is like a race to “hunt” money. If you are alert and fast enough, you can become the best “money hunter” on the leaderboard. Attention, you can see the results after each level to check your score and position on the global leaderboard. From there, you should have strategies to adjust and upgrade your position in Money Rush Mod.


Collect precious items

On the track, besides the portals mentioned above, you can also see a few valuable items. They are usually gold coins or keys (to unlock new skins for coins). So, try to collect them as much as possible to increase your coins or get an attractive unlocking opportunity. But pay attention, don’t forget your duty is to choose the best port. Therefore, consider whether you should take certain items or not for the highest profit.

Unique skins system

If you have enough keys to open gifts, you can get new skins to make the races more interesting. There are dozens of skins for coins such as a stack of dollars, colorful wheels, donuts… The coin movement mechanism with different skins remains unchanged from the original version. However, they are really fun to make their mark on every track.

Besides skins, players can also unlock racetracks with many new shapes. Through each level, the tracks can change more or less to provide more challenges. Not only are the roads flat, but sometimes, you will encounter winding roads, uphill, downhill… And they can change the path of the coins. At that time, you should pay more attention to the control.


Friendly graphics, simple but delicate

Most games from Rollic Games always impress players with simple designs and so does Money Rush. Game backgrounds are inspired by real-life locations such as streets, jungles, tall buildings, sky… However, they are sketched with simple and delicate lines, creating a feeling of friendly every time. In addition, the sounds in the game are gentle and playful melodies. It will make you always feel relaxed and focused to become real “money hunters”.

So, perhaps there is nothing to complain about Money Rush Mod. Simple and addictive puzzle levels will keep you hooked for hours on your phone. Try them out now and conquer the top spots on the online leaderboards. Winning not only gives you achievements but also a huge vault to shop for everything you like.

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