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MIR4 APK is a combat role-playing game with ancient-style graphics. The game also has a combination of automatic mechanics and the ability to mine virtual money, so many people are interested.

Introduce about MIR4

Conquer the land of Mir with stronger characters and improved skills!

Playing game and mining virtual currency at the same time

Besides people who come to MIR4 because of the gameplay, and the very Chinese-style virtual graphics (although from a Korean manufacturer), there are still many people who choose to play MIR4 because this is a game used to mine virtual currency.

Accompanied by upgraded gameplay and combat mechanics, MIR4 is also accompanied by a Wemix E-Wallet service that operates on the self-issued DRACO virtual currency. Specifically, during the game, your character will collect DarkSteel coins. These DarkSteel coins can be exchanged for DRACO with a value of 3 USD/coin. It is this mechanism of fortune that has brought great motivation to many players. In essence, this is also a way for developers to create their own unique features for their games. And I appreciate this creation, in terms of game production.

MIR4 also has a crossplay feature that allows players to switch between PC and Mobile side-by-side to ensure uninterrupted gameplay. For those of you who are dedicated to mining, this is a very good support feature.


MIR4 is an online role-playing game, set in an ancient legend, about an adventurous journey to Hidden Valley Capture and surrounding areas. Players will start with choosing a character class (one of 4 classes: Warrior, Sorcerer, Taoist, and Swordsman). Each class has its own weapon characteristics, strength stats, combat abilities, strengths, and weaknesses with a different combat skill system.

The entire game process will be combat activities, weapon upgrades, skills, character development, boss fights, and a variety of side activities such as gathering resources, fishing, finding herbs to make potions… There’s a lot for you to explore and enjoy in MIR4.

Along the way, you will meet many different NPCs. Each NPC gives you a corresponding quest and reward. When you complete the assigned task, you will receive money, experience points, and new upgraded equipment.

The quests often revolve around the goal of defeating monsters, fighting bosses, eliminating a certain threat to the valley, or finding and collecting items as required. When enough points your character will be upgraded, the power stats also increase simultaneously.

Not only that, but the character can also learn new skills after leveling up and also enhanced by accumulated experience points. Each of these newly learned skills will have a corresponding attack range and effects.

There are many ways to develop your character in MIR4

Your character not only grows through fighting monsters, but the character can also choose from many different development methods to increase both experience and level.

Those 4 different methods include:

  • Hunting: the character will participate in monster hunting, each time you defeat a monster, you will gain experience points, get more equipment, and upgrade items
  • Gathering: by collecting valley herbs and beneficial plants, you will also gain experience and level up your character’s gathering skills
  • Meditating: through meditation training sessions such as martial arts retreats in swordplay movies, your character will also increase experience points, increase internal strength stats, and even skill levels
  • Mining: There are a lot of mineral resources in the valley, mining them will give you experience points, get more items and enhance your character’s mining skills.

Collecting summoned beasts

Each character will have a companion summoned beast to support the battle process. Each type of summoned beast will have different strength stats. They can also be strengthened after the battle and at the same time bring many beneficial battle effects to the player.

Graphics and sound

Using fighting graphic style, MIR4 has built a colorful 3D ancient world with personality characters, attractive appearances, and many respectable skills. The combat effects in monster battles, boss battles are also quite impressive.

The background music in the game is both dramatic and poignant, melodious and very true to the action-adventure. The character is also well voiced and lively. The sound effects when fighting is also quite loud, moving, launching moves, NPC dialogue are also well-groomed.

The big disadvantage of MIR4 with experienced gamers is in the Automatic Mechanic. Mostly you are just the decision-maker to upgrade, choose class, choose activities to develop character. The rest when entering the game, most of the characters “handle themselves”. You just have to sit and watch the screen and enjoy the results. Not being able to fight with your own hands is very frustrating for the players who want to play the game. But this mechanism is like a gift for those who are new to the game for the first time. Especially if you want to play this game just to mine virtual currency.

Download MIR4 APK for Android

There are also quite a few advantages that come with disadvantages, but in general, MIR4 is a game that is quite easy to integrate, easy to play, and eye-catching. If your requirements aren’t too high, or you want the automatic type of fighting without having to spend a lot of effort to fight, playing this game is very suit for you.

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