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Mine Survival Mod is a survival game with a fun style. Entering the game world, your task is to find ways to survive as long as possible in the wild natural world. There is quite a lot to do if you are late to be the best survival player here. You need to mine resources, build defenses, craft weapons, find food, and more. But the fight is indispensable when you have to face wild animals or zombies at night. Work continuously to accumulate resources and protect yourself from threats. The longer you survive, the higher your achievement.

Download Mine Survival Mod – Learn to survive in the natural world

This game gives you a question: “If one day you were left in the middle of the forest, what would you do to survive?”. You will find the answer after going through the exciting survival journey here. At the beginning of the game, you are a needy survival guy. You only have a rudimentary ax in your hand and your stomach is slowly starving to death. You have to do everything you can to get food, water, and necessary items. Not only hunger, but unexpected threats from the natural environment will make you face many difficulties.


Mining, building, and crafting

The most important thing in your survival journey is to exploit resources. If there are no resources, you just sit and wait to starve or be eaten. Resources are available in the natural environment but you need to know how to exploit them. You can get wood from trees, stones from large rocks, metals from underground mines, food in the forest, drinking water from the sea, lakes, streams… There are many different types of resources and each type of resource has its own function. Discover the use of each resource for yourself and learn how to take advantage of it.

There are 4 important stats that you need to ensure for the character, which are temperature, food, water, and feces. You need to keep warm by burning wood and need to satisfy your hunger with foods like plants, grilled animals, and more. Besides, to protect the character, build a solid defensive base. Initially, you only need a small hut but have to upgrade it continuously. Let’s add stone walls, install more fortresses, electric traps, and more. A good shelter will help you avoid many threats.


Fight to survive

Don’t think that only hunger and cold will slow you down. In the survival environment of Mine Survival Mod, you will encounter dozens of other dangers. First of all, the appearance of wild animals such as pigs, buffaloes, horses, and reptiles … They are not too scary but you also need to be wary of them. You can also kill them to collect food or tame them as pets. There are more than 20 types of pets that you can bring with you, typically pigs, chickens, birds, crows, and dogs…

Besides, there is another threat that you always have to watch out for, which is zombies. They only appear at night when sunlight completely disappears. They will not stop looking for you no matter where you are. So, the best way to survive is not to go out in the shelter at night. But staying in a shelter doesn’t necessarily keep you safe. Prepare weapons, equipment, and traps to fend off the relentless onslaught of mad zombies. Some mutant animals such as poisonous spiders will also come at night.


Explore new areas

The natural world of this game is very large and diverse. It is an ecosystem with many different types of terrain. You can go through forests, snow lands, deserts, and dark dungeons. In each place, you will find unique resources and many interesting mysteries. At the same time, many new threats will find you when you set foot in a new land. Therefore, make sure that you always have weapons and equipment with you on every expedition. Go further to discover more, why not?


Funny and friendly cartoon design

Unlike many other survival games, this game has a pixel animation design style. Everything in the game looks funny and funny. But the details are meticulously designed to provide a realistic survival experience. The character’s manipulation is also quite smooth and flexible. You will see it from a third-person visual perspective. The large survival environment context will be visually displayed under this perspective.

So if you are waiting for a survival experience, try Mine Survival Mod. This game does not require too many operations but has high appeal. You will have a complete survival journey here with dozens of different tasks such as building, mining, crafting, fighting, exploring… Prepare yourself for a long and busy survival process.

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