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Play as a brave dwarf in the game Mine Quest 2 Mod. Your mission is to mine underground mines for resources and gems. An arduous and challenging journey is waiting for you ahead. Mysterious underground lands, with ancient stories waiting for you to discover. The appearance of monsters will make your journey interrupted. Destroy them with your weapons in turn-based combat. Attacks with critical hits, draining the enemy’s health. Continue your underground mining journey. Try to find rare resources and collect enough of the required types to complete the quest. From there, you can develop your own strength to go further. Explore the depths of the earth to find many rare items.

Download Mine Quest 2 Mod – Mining Rare Resources Deep In The Ground

In the journey to exploit rare underground resources in Mine Quest 2 Mod. You don’t know what lies behind the rocks that await. Be it treasure, gold coins, or dangerous creatures. Especially where you mine resources with limited visibility. Because darkness covered the surrounding area. By breaking the rocks, you can go ahead and expand the mining area. Along with that are the dangers that can be encountered. Along with the appearance of many different rocks. Recreated by the earth, stone. There are even rocks occupied by ancient creatures. Only by destroying them can you destroy those rocks to expand the mining area.Mine Quest 2 Mod

Ancient Creatures

Your enemies in your quest for resources are ancient creatures. Typically like carnivorous flowers, green creatures, red creatures, etc. Sometimes you will encounter a boss. Has a strength that surpasses that of ordinary creatures. By defeating creatures, you will receive resources. Moreover, when you defeat the boss, you can collect a lot of rare resources. It is also possible to destroy rocks that were previously occupied by them. Then it is possible to expand the mining area to find more resources.Dowload Mine Quest 2 Mod

Various types of resources

Mine Quest 2 Mod provides a lot of different types of resources for you to collect. Including gems, quartz, leaves, gold coins, diamonds, etc. Each type of resource can be found by destroying rocks. Or after defeating creatures and bosses. However, not every rock has resources. You will have to search and mine for a chance to collect. In addition to rare resources, if you are lucky, you will also receive heart stones and energy stones. They will help the character heal and increase the number of stone breaks.Tai Mine Quest 2 Mod

Many tasks need to be done

There are many mines in Mine Quest 2 Mod for you to explore. Each mine is divided into several different depths. Your task is to complete each depth to exploit the full resources of the mine. Then will continue to move to the next mine for mining. Each depth will have a variety of resources that you have to search for. Only when collecting enough can the quest be completed. Besides, in each mission that takes place, you have a limited number of stone breaks. If it is not possible to collect all kinds of resources in the total number of stone breaks. Your mission will fail and you have to start over.

The process of fighting the creature

Mine Quest 2 Mod’s battle is turn-based. Dwarfs and creatures will attack every turn. The battle only ended when one of the two sides ran out of blood, no longer having the strength to continue fighting. During the war, when it’s the character’s turn to attack. You can choose one of two weapons to attack the enemy. Using combat weapons will have higher damage than stone breaking. Deals massive damage to enemies, causing them to consume large amounts of health. Defeat the enemy with critical hits and win. Then you will get a lot of resources and rare items.Mine Quest 2 Mod

Developing the character’s ability will help you exploit it more effectively. Can quickly defeat dangerous creatures to continue mining. Here, Mine Quest 2 Mod allows you to use weapons, costumes, and head armor to equip the character. Use gold coins and collectors items. You can upgrade equipment to increase your character’s fighting ability. With power stats such as damage, defense and health are increased. It is possible to fight powerful creatures during resource extraction.

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