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Mergest Kingdom Mod is a puzzle game combined with adventure elements. But it’s not boring like many classic merge games. It ties fusion gameplay into the ancient kingdom-building story. Your task is to uncover this whole story and unlock many new mysteries. Moreover, you will hold the responsibility of building the kingdom, gathering resources, and fighting evil monsters. In other words, you must do everything to preserve and develop your kingdom. Thereby, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fun puzzle gameplay. The game also has dozens of challenging quests and unique character systems to explore.

Download Mergest Kingdom Mod – Merge and build your kingdom

If you love merge games then the Mergest Kingdom is perfect for you. It is built with idle fusion puzzle gameplay, combined with role-playing and adventure elements. Participating in this game, you will discover an extremely diverse mission system. Basically, you need to merge different items to build and expand the kingdom. Besides, you will explore many vast magical territories to uncover treasures and mysteries. An ancient and mysterious world will contain countless interesting things waiting for you. Get ready for the first mission.


Grow a mighty kingdom

The game context takes place in an ancient kingdom located in the clouds. It was attacked by the forces of darkness and had to lie deep in white clouds. Now, you must restore every territory that has been ravaged by the enemy. So what are you going to do here? You should start by gathering resources on the map. There are hundreds of different resources including wood, trees, gems, and more. By merging similar items, you will create new tree species, new buildings, and more.

In particular, you need to focus on farming and building. Specifically, you need to develop fertile fields to supply agricultural products to the people in the kingdom. There are many different crops that can be unlocked from strawberries and pumpkins to watermelons, wheat, vegetables, sunflowers, and more. For farming, you also apply the merge mechanism. In addition, your kingdom needs new buildings from castles to strongholds, houses… Merge building resources and small houses to upgrade buildings on the map.


Craft and fight enemies

Don’t forget that you have a battle with the dark enemy in Mergest Kingdom Mod. To fight them and protect the kingdom, you need the return of heroes. They have been cursed by dark witches and need to be freed. Match their signature weapons to help them return to your kingdom. There are 3 main heroes with different abilities. One hero specializes in using swords, another specializes in axes, and the other will fight with magic.

After freeing them to the kingdom, they will help you lead the armies. You can also combine units of the same type to upgrade your army, thereby improving combat power. Your enemies are dragons, witches, and many other crazy monsters. They appear randomly on the map and cause damage to your kingdom. So get ready with weapons and troops in hand and lead the hero into battle. Idle battles will become interesting with a series of eye-catching effects.


Adventure through many different lands

The world of the game is a large open space located above the clouds. Unlocked areas will reveal resources, plants, and other items. Meanwhile, there are a series of other areas still deep below the toxic cloud layer. You need to excavate them to expand the kingdom limit. New lands will bring new types of resources. From there, they will diversify the natural ecosystem in your environment. But there will be new enemies appearing and you always need the presence of heroes and troops.


Fun and colorful design

A fairy kingdom comes to life from a top-down perspective. It is depicted with a distinctive 2D design, creating a bright and colorful scene. The game context also includes many areas with different ecosystems. So there are hundreds of unique item images that you can discover throughout the experience. Every image is designed in detail. Moreover, you will have a relaxing experience in the background of soothing yet inspiring music.

In short, Mergest Kingdom Mod is a very attractive puzzle game. It is not only a puzzle but also an amazing adventure in the ancient kingdom. You will have the opportunity to discover dozens of challenges in this adventure. Those are quests that merge trees, resources, troops, and more. Besides, you also have heroic battles, exploration, and excavation of new lands. Enjoy everything with just taps on the screen.

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