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Merge Dragons Mod is a great puzzle game with simple yet addictive merge gameplay. It gives you more than 180 levels to match and explore magical lands. By pairing with your fingers, you will cast spells to restore lands ruined by evil enemies. Let’s turn the dark areas back to their inherent beauty and flourish. There are hundreds of species to discover, from trees, flowers, grass, statues, dragons, and tons of other items. You just need to match 3 similar items to unlock new skins. Just like that, you can bring magic everywhere to turn the barren land into a beautiful forest. You are the messenger of all beings, and your rewards are treasures, bonuses, and titles. Are you ready to join?

Download Merge Dragons Mod – Create magic from merges

An upgrade of the traditional match-3 gameplay has created the “merge” genre. It is simpler but more loved by the majority of gamers, including children. You can enjoy that gameplay in Merge Dragons, the puzzle game with hundreds of merge levels. Your mission is to restore the ravaged land with the match on the screen. You can make flowers, leaves, and more beautiful, turn dragon eggs into baby dragons, and even adult creatures. In this journey, you will not be alone. Countless creatures, typically dragons, will be effective arms to help you guard and protect the fairyland.


Restore the land hidden among the clouds

The land of Dragonia is known as one of the most beautiful worlds hidden behind white clouds. It is ruled by dragons – the most beautiful and powerful of all creatures. But its beauty has attracted many enemies with a plot to dominate it, including the Zomblins. They come and spread fear and terror, destroying the most beautiful forests and imprisoning the pure development of dragons. Now, you need to stand up to restore this land and protect the dragons from extinction. But no need to do anything big, simply match to upgrade the creatures here.

You need to match at least 3 similar items to unlock a new skin. For example, you combine 3 plants together to form a larger tree, combine 3 flowers to make a more beautiful flower, and combine 3 baby dragons to form an adult dragon. There are thousands of different items to match, layer after layer and creatures keep multiplying. Thus, you will soon bring back the inherent beauty of this land and even make everything better than it was in the beginning. In it, Merge Dragons Mod brings more than 37 species of dragons with 8 levels of development. You need to upgrade them regularly to make them stronger, support the protection of forests and hunt for treasure.


Expand your influence everywhere

You won’t stop at any stops because this game is endless. The game world expands to many different locations and gradually reveals itself behind the fog. When you reach enough levels, you can unlock new areas, along with many new types of creatures to explore. Dragon eggs are more and more diverse, and trees and flowers are also very rich. Take advantage of them to develop more advanced new species and bring the barren lands to life.

Besides, you can join the game’s online community to visit your friends’ gardens. Players can share gifts with each other to enrich the creature system in the fairyland. Besides, the connection also helps to increase the interesting part. You can interact and learn from friends to find new tips or accompany friends in unique events to hunt for great rewards.


Friendly and lovely image

Everything in the magical land is beautiful and lovely. You can have all kinds of species multiply very naturally, especially dragons. They have the unique appearance of epic dragons and possess legendary powers. Besides, the game context is always colorful and full of life. The sound is melodious and fun, inspiring you to play the game all day without getting bored.

Merge Dragons Mod will not let you down with its fun puzzle gameplay. You can immerse yourself in the fairyland for hours to discover ancient species and treasures. Show your hard work to conquer every puzzle level, unlock hundreds of unique items and build your land. Don’t hesitate to have fun or compete for achievements with many other players. Show them your jungle, or share with them the unique items you have.

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