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Mayhem Combat Mod is an action fighting game. Revolving around the story of the gangsters. Every day, they do not know what to do but go to cause trouble, like to be smashed. Here, the game opens up attractive fighting matches. You will transform into a gangster guy. Take part in dramatic 1vs1 matches. Attack opponents with skills and equipped weapons. Win real-time battles. Present yourself as a gangster who is not easy to touch. The game belongs to the entertainment game genre, the extremely attractive fighting game of the developer Vivid Games SA Built on the foundation of high-quality graphics. Along with the control, the interface is designed in the form of virtual keys. Helps you easily control the character to perform actions.

Download Mayhem Combat Mod – Between Gangsters

The gameplay of Mayhem Combat Mod is in a 1vs1 fighting style. Participate in action matches between you and other gangsters. You will have to control the character to attack the opponent. Through virtual keys, with the functions of moving left, right, jumping, and attacking. At the same time can use special skills to create a high amount of damage. During the match. Your character is equipped with a weapon. It will be an effective tool to attack, causing the enemy to lose. However, combat skills are still the most important factor. Decide directly on the outcome of the match. To defeat the opponent and win the fighting battles. You need to flexibly combine virtual control keys. Create your own fighting style to achieve the best effect, causing the opponent to lose.Mayhem Combat Mod

Real-time and level-based missions

The mission of Mayhem Combat Mod takes place according to each level of play. Each level is a fighting match, taking place in real-time. During the countdown from 1 minute to 0. You will compete with your opponent in an open arena. Set in different locations. Show the skills of a notorious gangster, not easy to touch. Defeat the opponent before time runs out to complete the mission. After that, you will receive a bonus, based on each level of play and achievement. Also, get experience points to be able to increase to new levels. Continue to the fighting match in a new level of play. Compete with other gangsters. The strength of the opponent also increased from there. Their fighting ability will be improved, surpassing previous opponents.Tai Mayhem Combat Mod

Characters can equip a variety of weapons

The character system of Mayhem Combat Mod is extremely diverse. Shown in the form of cards. Typically like Jack Lumber, Yusuf Al-Amir, Bella Goose, etc., there are many other characters. They are all gangsters with many different appearance styles. The combat ability of each character is shown through damage, attack speed, and health. Play as a favorite gangster. You can equip many different types of weapons. The game offers a huge arsenal of weapons. For example baseball bats, maces, hammers, swords, knives… and more. Each weapon when equipped on the character will increase the power index. Not stopping there, use gold coins to upgrade. Combine action gear packs to increase stats. From there, the character can defeat the gangsters easily.Download Mayhem Combat Mod

Online game mode

In addition to the game mode by level. Mayhem Combat Mod also offers an online game mode. Here, you can participate in 3 matches according to different gameplay. Includes free-for-all, 1vs1, and card battles. Each match opens up dramatic clashes with gangsters. They are all worldwide online players. Through matches, you will compete directly with them to show off your skills. The match is free for all, up to 10 players. For a maximum of 3 minutes. Every player will attack the opponent non-stop. The last person remaining able to fight wins. Or in a 1vs1 fighting match. The gameplay is similar to the level-by-level mode. However, instead of fighting the gangster controlled by Al. You will compete directly with other players.Game Mayhem Combat Mod

After each fighting match in Mayhem Combat Mod. Win against other gangsters. Your character will receive experience points. When you reach a new level, you will receive a treasure chest. Unlocking will have the opportunity to receive a lot of gold coins, weapons. Even if you are lucky, there is a chance to unlock new characters. Not stopping there, there are many other chests for you to discover. They are divided into separate categories. After completing the corresponding task or using real money to unlock it. There will be a chance to get rare equipment. Or characters with superior abilities.

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