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LONEWOLF (17+) Mod opens a brutal adventure. May affect morals and practical lifestyles. According to developer FDG Entertainment. The game is not suitable for people under 17 years old. Because there are many violent images, causing the player to be affected. Join the game, you will transform into a mysterious assassin. Using the gun in your hand, you will have to kill the requested organizers. The gameplay of the game takes place according to an open story. With many different chapters, bring you an engaging sniper experience. Along with that, the murder scenes will be recreated in a very realistic way. Along with the perfect combination of hand-drawn movie scene graphics. The conversations take place according to the comic in the dark background, adding more excitement to the player.

Download LONEWOLF (17+) Mod – Perform Assassination Missions Requested by the Organization

Play as an assassin in the adventure game LONEWOLF (17+) Mod. You are a member of a criminal organization, specializing in assassination missions. After receiving a mission from a phone call from a mysterious person in the organization. You will have to destroy the target quickly to complete the mission. More than 30 assassination missions take place in many different environments. Each mission is a challenge, with its own conditions, you need to fulfill. Sometimes use sniper rifles to destroy targets from long distances. Or use daggers to assassinate from close range. Even have to fight hand to hand, kill the target with punches. There are many other missions, with different requirements. Requires the skills of a professional assassin. Complete the assassination mission in the best way.LONEWOLF (17+) Mod

Story gameplay

The gameplay of the LONEWOLF (17+) Mod takes place in story mode. To be able to complete the quests according to the game’s plot. You need to spend about 5 hours playing. With missions mainly using sniper rifles for assassination. The difficulty of each mission will be gradually increased. In the early stages, you only need to assassinate a single target. Moving on to the next missions will have to assassinate many different targets. Even the target can move, making it difficult for you to aim.Game LONEWOLF (17+) Mod

More than 40 titles

After completing the quest, you will get the title. LONEWOLF (17+) Mod has over 40 trophies for you to collect. Complete each task in turn with the best achievement. You will get many different titles. From there, you can prove yourself as a professional assassin. Can perform every assassination mission perfectly. In addition to the titles will be received after completing the quest. You also get bonuses. The reward level will correspond to the achievement achieved and the difficulty of each task.LONEWOLF Ears (17+) Mod

Shooting skills, constantly improving

During the assassination mission of LONEWOLF (17+) Mod. Skill is the main factor, determining the outcome of each task. To be able to assassinate the target quickly and perfectly. You need to adjust the gun center, aim accurately. Combine viewfinder adjustment to zoom in and out. The target can be easily observed from a distance. As each task becomes more and more difficult. You need to improve your marksmanship. Constantly cultivating more experience to be able to flexibly use all types of guns. Can shoot accurately at the target’s head position. Causing them to lose their lives with a single bullet. From there will complete the excellent task assigned by the organization.

More than 20 types of weapons

LONEWOLF (17+) Mod owns more than 20 different weapons. Includes sniper rifles, rifles, shotguns. Even support weapons like grenades. Each type of gun is used in its own style. Sniper guns are used in missions to assassinate targets from a distance. Rifles and pistols are often used to fight enemies. Because they have high mobility, they can attack flexibly in close situations. Besides, you can use grenades during combat. Causes enemies within range of the explosion to lose a large amount of health, even lose their lives.Download LONEWOLF (17+) Mod

The graphics of the LONEWOLF (17+) Mod are designed in the form of hand-drawn movie scenes. Conversations in the introductions or in the openings of chapters. Images are presented in a black and white color scheme. After starting to perform the tasks. The context will be moved to a new environment. Be it on a bridge, in a house, in a field or in a military area, etc. Combine realistic sounds from gunfire. Gives you a more authentic feel, as well as not being boring.

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