Life of Mellow Mod APK 0.60 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked DLC)

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Life of Mellow Mod will bring you to a light and relaxing survival experience like never before. Temporarily forget about shooting and fighting survival games and come to the quiet moments worth having in life. Have you ever thought about getting lost in a forest and having to find a way to survive there? If yes, then you must try this game right away because it is similar to your thought just now. Your task in the game is to exploit resources, build, produce and do everything to survive in the harsh natural environment. You will experience 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter with many changes and many problems to worry about. It is not as easy as you think, although it is easier than in highly competitive survival games. So try it now to test your real survival skills.

Download Life of Mellow Mod – Survival is light but not easy

Before now, every time when it comes to survival games, many people immediately think of PUBG Mobile or other similar names. But if anyone loves the light-hearted survival genre, they will probably know Life of Mellow, the game has reached more than 1 million installs on Google Play. This game is on the opposite side of high-temperature survival games. It is very gentle and relaxing when it comes to close activities such as logging, building houses, farming, breeding … Therefore, it is a long-term survival process, requiring the player’s patience. Live as long as you can because you will discover a lot. New scenes, new characters, new quests, and many other cool things are always available to enjoy.


Going up from 0

The game context begins when you have only a petite Marshmello character in a large forest. It is also you, who has just been lost from the crowded real world and found the idyllic survival experience of Life of Mellow. You will have to build everything from scratch, starting from logging in the forest, then using the money and resources you earn to build houses and camps. Gradually, you can hire more new characters to take on different tasks. You can expand your field of activity to farming, animal husbandry, mining, and more. Those activities will serve to make money and the physical and mental facilities to care for your residents. If you have more than one person, chances of surviving together. Unity is strength, that’s what the game wants you to understand.

Each character in the game will have different roles. For example, someone specializes in construction, someone specializes in mining, someone specializes in farming, someone specializes in animal husbandry… Each person plays an important role, contributing to building a fun and harmonious Marshmallow community. Therefore, when assigning work, you need to consider assigning tasks appropriately to optimize productivity. Besides, depending on the stage, you can assign more people to this job, fewer people to the other. Depending on the survival strategy, each player has a different way of managing residents and resources. It is impossible to say which strategy is better, but whoever survives longer is better.


Experiencing 4 seasons of the year

Players will enjoy the feeling of survival through all 4 seasons in Life of Mellow Mod. Spring then summer, autumn, and winter. Each season has different characteristics from the setting to the trees, people, and resources. In spring, the trees are green, the resources are abundant, whatever you plant, whatever you raise is convenient. Come summer, the temperature is a bit hotter, you will need more water for farming and daily living in the village.

Then, in the fall, you can enjoy the romantic scenery on a romantic pale yellow background, the leaves also turn yellow and red depending on the type. This is the most exciting season of the year, bringing a feeling of extreme coolness and refreshment. Finally, winter is coming, the snow is covered with white everywhere, the water source is exhausted, the habits and behaviors of animals and people also change. You will need to stock up on food, water, and resources to use throughout this season. The winter environment is quite harsh, so be careful or you will lose the game at any time.


Fun graphics, relaxing music

What makes the game attractive is the image and music. It is designed with a cartoon style, the details are quite small but sharp, the movement of the character is also quite vivid. The game context is endlessly large, spanning many squares, allowing the player to expand the space to infinity if possible. Besides, your experience will always be filled with love with sweet, melodious music. Growing and producing while listening to this music is really a great feeling.

Life of Mellow Mod will be an interesting choice for those who love survival games. No need to fight or shoot guns to have fun, simply click yourself and relax. You can grow crops, raise livestock, mine, build… to enjoy a slow and relaxed pace of life. But this experience is also challenging with the harsh natural environment, the conditions change flexibly with the seasons. Therefore, you also have to think a lot about survival strategy.

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