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FPS shooting games have always attracted a large number of gamers to participate. And Legend Fire Mod is one of their top picks. This game gives you story-based shooting battles. It is about the war between the US army and the dangerous terrorist force. You will join the game as a special agent in the US army. Your duty is to fight terrorism and complete the national mission. To do this, you need to choose the appropriate weapons. There are dozens of different weapons and equipment and a variety of vehicles to explore. Let’s learn more about it now.

Download Legend Fire Mod – Storyline offline FPS gameplay

Join the game, the game will give you interesting missions built according to the story. Those missions will give you the feeling of acting like a real armed soldier in the US army. Your enemy is the city terrorist who is plotting to occupy the big city. You and your teammates need to recapture important bases and complete a large-scale counterterrorism operation. According to this storyline, the game divides the campaign into different levels. You need to complete the missions one by one to unlock new parts.


Join the US Army and fight terrorism

So, your anti-terrorism journey officially begins. You need to work with other soldiers and complete each assigned mission. You will act in first person like in many regular FPS games. To fight, you need to master the manipulation of shooting skills. It includes aiming, shooting, and movement. As can be seen, the control system is significantly shortened in this game. So, whether you are a new player or an experienced player, getting to the game is really not difficult.

However, what matters is your strategy. During the war, you sometimes have to deal with many terrorists and modern means of war. With only a gun in hand, conquering the battlefield is really not that simple. Therefore, you need to aim accurately to destroy enemies quickly. At the same time, you need to move skillfully to dodge bullets, hide, defend or carry out a raid plan. Analyze the battlefield to choose a reasonable battle plan. Don’t forget to support your allies to conquer all battlefields together.


Various weapon systems

Legend Fire Mod’s weapon collection is somewhat more limited than many other FPS games. However, it still brings all the necessary weapons for your war on terror. Accordingly, you will find guns such as pistols (typically 9MM), rifles (typically M762), machine guns (typically 636C), and sniper rifles (L96) … There are dozens of other guns. differ with different stats on fire rate, damage, range, reload rate, and more. Explore and choose the right weapon for yourself.

Besides weapons, this game also offers a unique vehicle system. It includes motorcycles, cars, tanks, helicopters, and parachutes … These are all popular military vehicles ever. They will appear randomly on the map and you can drive them to move. And you will find the feeling of being immersed in the actual military battlefield. In other words, the war will take place on a grand and epic scale. It promises to make you unable to sit still.


Epic open world

The battlefield map is a large open world, including military bases and beautiful architecture. It is also divided into many different areas and has many types of terrain. The terrain of the battlefield will have an important influence on your strategy. You can take advantage of buildings to hide, raid or organize a series of attacks. In each plan, consider the terrain advantage to find a reasonable attack plan. A small map in the left corner of the screen will help you do that easily.


3D graphics with high resolution

This game cannot be compared to the popular FPS games on mobile. However, it is still well-built with 3D graphics and high resolution. The images are carefully polished to give a realistic immersive feel. The large and detailed battlefield context also contributes to the description of the military battlefield situation. Besides, combat effects and exciting sounds will give you a sense of excitement on the battlefield. In particular, you will see everything from a first-person perspective.

It can be said that Legend Fire Mod is an FPS game worth playing. It may not be as good as the big names, but it’s still a good and smooth experience. Moreover, this game works even when you are offline so playing it is very easy. You can start the combat mission any time you want. And you do not need to worry about the stability of the transmission. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

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