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The developer LIFE IS A GAME LIMITED offers players the strategy game Last Fortress: Underground Mod. This is a game that combines construction and combat, taking you into a post-apocalyptic world. Become the leader of the group of survivors. Your mission is to fight and build an underground base. Also, form alliances with other players, fight with them and protect yourself from danger. The game is designed with sharp 3D graphics. Bringing an impressive, but no less stressful survival journey. Along with fierce battles with Zombie names, destroy them to win life.

Download Last Fortress: Underground Mod – Build a New Land Underground

Last Fortress: Underground Mod opens up a post-apocalyptic setting. When the epidemic broke out, humanity fell into extinction. Invasive viruses turn dead people into zombies. They are like a deadly army, destroying everything and spreading disease. A group of people is lucky to survive in the apocalypse of the world. They move to a new land, away from the dangers of the city, where zombies live. In their search for a new place to live, they discover a strong castle. So decided to turn this place into a base to hide and maintain life. They built underground bases, creating a secluded place to survive. You are the leader of that group of survivors. With the task of directing them to build shelters and fight against the onslaught of Zombies.Download Last Fortress Underground Mod

The first-day mission, fighting the Zombies

Last Fortress: Underground Mod’s mission system is divided by day. Every day there are many activities and tasks for you to perform. Transforming into the boy Fernando, you start the first-day mission, killing the Zombies. After the siren sounded, it was time for the zombies to appear. Not only a few names, but they are also an entire Zombie army of dozens of names. Your task is to prevent the attack of zombies, not allowing them to enter the base. Accompanying the girl Emma, ​​the two will use the revolver mounted on the top of the base. Fire bullets at enemies causing them to be destroyed. Be careful not to let any zombies pass through the bullets. Because when they enter the door below, your base will be destroyed.Game Last Fortress Underground Mod

Expand the area, allocate suitable people

Move to the second day in the Last Fortress: Underground Mod. Your task is to expand the underground shelter area. Use specialized tools to explore and dig deep into the ground. In the process, there will be opportunities to collect resources and many valuable items. Although the quest to reclaim the land is not dangerous, you need to allocate people appropriately. Because zombies can appear and attack at any time. If not prevented in time, there will be great consequences, even all people in the base will turn into zombies. As a leader yourself, your role is very important. So you need to make sure everyone is safe. And defend firmly by exploiting activities, building solid bases underground.Last Fortress Underground Mod

Gather a team of heroes

Finding and assembling a team of heroes in the Last Fortress: Underground Mod is very important. From chefs, engineers, athletes, miners, to scientists. They are all lucky survivors of the world’s pandemic. Each has its own skills and personality. But in this survival journey, they can all become a hero. Can attack enemies or do many different jobs such as exploring new lands, searching for resources. All their activities and work are decided by you. Selecting the right people to do different jobs. That helps the defense system of the citadel be firmly protected and always operate stably.Last Fortress Underground mod

The construction element is the most prominent feature of the Last Fortress: Underground Mod. This has helped the game receive the love of many audiences. Because you can create a new world yourself inside the towering castles. It is possible to build and develop everything inside, with stimulation from Zombies trying to attack from the outside. Make you feel like you are experiencing two elements of defense and attack at the same time. For example, you have to grow life inside the castle to maintain life. At the same time have to fight the zombies to stop their attack. A mix of soothing background music mixed with dramatic sounds of in-game activities. Make you mre impressed and feel more excited in every hour of play.

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