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Kunai Master Mod is a new arcade action game that lets you become a kunai ninja. Your task is to destroy all other assassins on the map, thereby receiving bonuses to upgrade continuously. As can be seen, this game has an easy-to-understand, accessible story. But playing and conquering the missions is not as easy as you think. You need to combine many different actions and skills of the ninja. These skills all bring a certain effect, so you have to practice regularly to master them. It also has dozens of new skills that are constantly being unlocked. Explore them all to become the almighty ninja.

Download Kunai Master Mod – Learn how to become a ninja spy

This game gives you a series of missions according to the level system. In each level, your task is to defeat all enemies to pass the level, thereby unlocking new challenges. There are hundreds of such levels, but with increasing difficulty. Therefore, the quest system will challenge your progress through each fight. Your goal is to become the fastest and most potent ninja spy. To achieve this goal, prepare yourself to destroy a series of enemies, including the Boss.


Destroy every enemy in your way

The control mechanism in this game is quite simple but you will need to practice regularly to master everything. In each level of the game, you need to control your ninja to move skillfully and unleash the ultimate attack to destroy the enemy. There will be many enemies appearing on the map and in different locations. It would help if you started with the closest enemies, followed by the enemies on the higher floors. To destroy them, get closer to the target first. Just swipe your finger across the screen to perform a skillful high jump.

Then, your ninja will automatically launch the dagger and the target. To achieve the correct throw, you need to put the ninja in the proper position. In other words, controlling the ninja is the most important factor to your advantage. If you hit the target, continue with new targets right after. However, you should pay attention to obstacles such as wooden bridges, explosive barrels, darts, shields, etc. Dodge or take advantage of them to create the most creative assassinations. After finishing a level, new challenges will be waiting for you in the new level.


Explore the skill system

Your ninja in Kunai Master Mod possesses an impressive range of skills. But you can only unlock each skill after reaching a certain level. The most unique skills can be mentioned such as:

Teleport: This skill allows your ninja to create surprise attacks. At the same time, you can also use it to dodge attacks from the opponent.

Fire Kunai: Unlike normal daggers, this skill helps ninjas launch fire daggers. From there, he can deal more damage to his target to take down enemies quickly.

Kunai Rain: This is one of the character’s most epic skills. He will launch a lot of daggers in the sky, then hurl them to deal damage to targets hit by the knife.

Dodge: This skill will help you defend yourself in an emergency situation. Instead of performing a teleport or a skillful high jump, you can use this skill to surprise.


Non-stop upgrading

The challenges in the game will become increasingly difficult, demanding your progress. You will have the opportunity to meet a variety of enemies from passive ninjas to enemies who can throw darts, use shields, throw fire… So how to defeat them? You need to upgrade your ninja hero nonstop. When he reaches a new level, he will receive new skills and new weapons. At the same time, the upgrade also helps the hero improve various attributes to become more agile and stronger. The greater the power, the greater the advantage.


Beautiful pixel design

This game impresses with its 2D pixel design style. This style appears at all levels but has a flexible change over time. Each level will give you a new feeling as the map design changes. When the map is different, you also need to have your own action strategy to conquer the challenge. Moreover, the map context, characters, and many other details are also quite detailed and sharp. Each operation and movement is also very smooth, giving a feeling of refreshing action.

Kunai Master Mod is a new game that soon attracted the attention of a large number of players. Now you can download this game to your phone to enjoy it now. There are tons of challenges for your ninja here. Conquer them all with your agility, weaponry, and strategy. Can you become the best ninja in the assassin world?

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