Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod APK 1.14.3 (Menu, Unlocked, Unlimited Money) Download

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod is the third tower defense game in the hit Kingdom Rush series. It will bring you into the medieval fantasy world where you rise from the shadows and are determined to reclaim the kingdom for the mighty wizard. You will be the leader of the army of darkness and have the task of wiping out the bases to dominate the lands. To do that, you need to plan wisely and make good use of your units. There are dozens of hero units to choose from and upgrade over time. Besides, this strategic defense journey will stretch to infinity, going through many maps and chapters with a series of new enemies and locations. Don’t miss the chance to discover them all and win more medals.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod – Classic tower defense gameplay

This is a medieval fantasy world exclusively for strategists. The game context takes place in a chaotic period, but you are the one who takes the initiative. Instead of playing as heroes to fight the darkness, it will now be Nez’nan, an almighty dark wizard. Your mission is to lead your army to make the ancient kingdom tremble. You want to regain control of the kingdom from the weak. And to reach your goal, get ready for a long journey through many maps with increasingly powerful enemy systems. The battles will captivate you for hours with addictive strategic gameplay and unique classic design.


Explore the offline defense campaign

This game can work even when you are offline, so you can explore it wherever you are. But with the offline feature, you won’t have a chance to compete with online players. However, the game has a long campaign for you, where you fight against AI enemies from the ancient kingdom. The battles will become more and more interesting as more powerful enemies are unlocked. You also get access to more maps and better hero classes. So your battle journey will be more and more intense, creating endless inspiration. With 25 such amazing challenges, you can play for hours every day.

During the war, you can decide for yourself everything from the selection of troops to the arrangement and placement of troops on the battlefield. At each important station, you need to choose powerful units to help strengthen the defense. Each hero class will have its own advantages, but you need to know how to combine them to create the perfect overall power. Enemy units will move from their base in waves with increasing strength. So in the beginning, you only need a few tower units and heroes. But you need to add and upgrade units to gain better power. Besides, you can also summon special skills in emergency situations.


Gather hero units into battle

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod brings many hero classes for you to freely choose and combine in the squad. Specifically, it includes orcs, goblins, demons, dark knights, and even zombies. Hero classes have many different characteristics and have their own important parameters such as damage, HP, defense, and cooldown. You can also upgrade units to improve these stats. Besides, buy the necessary equipment and unlock many new skills. These upgrades will help improve hero units to strengthen defenses.

The system of heroes and turrets will become more and more diverse as your level progresses. So you can think of hundreds of combinations of formations to fight. And your journey is also extended to many places, from green plains to caves, dungeons, deserts, and more. The enemy system is also more and more diverse, requiring flexibility in defense strategy. The battles will lead you to explore every region in the fantasy world and conquer dozens of outstanding achievements in the game.


Classic, detailed, and fun design

The battlefield map is visually depicted in a top-down third-person perspective. It allows you to see the entire battlefield, enemy waves, defenses, and spectacular battle effects. Enemy units and heroes are described in great detail with colorful colors. Thanks to that, the experience scene is always bright, promising to make you unable to take your eyes off. The shooting effects, explosive bombs, and magic skills … are also really epic and eye-catching.

For the above reasons, you should not miss Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod on your phone. This is an opportunity to participate in large-scale tower defense battles with a high strategic element. Show your leadership talent to conquer every war with great strategic formations. Combine, shuffle, and position units your way and enjoy breathtaking skill effects.

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