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King of Defense 2 Mod is the sequel to the tower defense strategy game King of Defense from the publisher GCenter. This time, it promises to bring new battles and many new features. But the strategic element remains unchanged because this is what makes the game attractive. In other words, you will continue to be a strategist in exciting tower defense battles. Your mission is to defeat monsters and protect your kingdom. Gather the most powerful turrets and heroes to complete the mission. Don’t forget to match two towers together to improve power.

Download King of Defense 2 Mod – The familiar tower defense gameplay

If you are a fan of King of Defense then you should not miss this second part. King of Defense 2 will bring you into a new battle with a new and stronger enemy force. It still has an epic campaign mode with hundreds of levels. At the same time, it has added a new mode – tournament mode, which allows you to compete with your friends online. As such, this game relies on the old gameplay to improve things. Now you will have a more epic and refreshing tower defense experience. What are you waiting for?


Join tower defense battles

According to the plot of the game, you will play as the king of a fantasy kingdom. Your kingdom is in trouble when the monsters in the cave come back and loot everything. Therefore, battles are inevitable, and you will witness them as the level progresses. In each level, your task is to defeat all attacks from the enemy. There are usually up to 3 main attacks with increasing numbers and scale. So you need solid defenses and constant upgrades if you want to gain the advantage.

To set up a defense, you just need to do a few simple steps. Specifically, you can touch important locations and choose to place towers. You can then recruit units and heroes and place them on the battlefield. When everything is ready, you just enjoy the battle unfolding. But pay attention to the situation of the game to make reasonable upgrade decisions. Besides, you need to accumulate experience from every match to constantly create strategies. The challenge will become increasingly difficult so progress is necessary.


Upgrade the system of towers and heroes

Compared to the first part, King of Defense 2 Mod brings a more diverse unit system. There are two main types of units, heroes and turrets. There are dozens of heroes with their own skills and advantages that you should discover for yourself. As for the turret, there will be 4 different types including the magic, archer, swordsman, and support tower. Of course, each type of tower has its own characteristics. You need to understand the advantages of each tower type if you want to exploit it effectively.

In particular, the game allows you to combine any two towers together. For instance, you can merge archer and spell towers for extra damage, or swordsman and assist towers for increased defense. This consolidation feature offers diversity in strategy. You can think of dozens of different combinations and test them out on the battlefield. Besides, don’t forget to upgrade your units. Upgrade heroes and turrets to improve power attributes. The greater the power, the higher your advantage.


Explore various battlefields

The fantasy world of this game is well-designed. It is a vast space that covers many areas from the frozen land to the realm of the gods, the mysterious jungle, and the hot desert. In each place, you will find new interesting things. Each place will welcome you with battles with specific types of enemies. You need to know how to distinguish the enemy to find the appropriate defensive strategy. Moreover, the farther you go, the stronger and more diverse the enemies, bringing endless novelty.


2D design and lively background music

This game does not have too many differences from the first in terms of graphics. Everything in the game is still designed on 2D graphics, bringing detailed and realistic images. But units from heroes to turrets seem more modern. The combat effects are also more vibrant and eye-catching, highlighting the tower defense battlefield. Besides, the background music and sound effects are also carefully polished. So, compared to the first part, this game has a slightly better investment.

If you like the strategy style, try now King of Defense 2 Mod. This game has just been released not long ago, so it has many new and modern features. Besides, you will find here epic tower defense battles, powerful unit systems, and many creative strategies. Try out strategies of your own to conquer every battle.

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