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Kim Kardashian Mod is a great adventure role-playing game for you to really immerse yourself in the Hollywood world right on your phone. You will start from a girl no one knows and strive to become a top star. You have the right to choose your lifestyle and fashion style, as long as you are famous and sought after by the media. Besides, you will have the opportunity to join the world’s most famous models on the catwalk, attend parties, recording sessions, TV shows, clubs, and more. A flashy world that any girl dreams of is here. But behind that halo, you can also build a home with the one you love. Let’s design the house and family members according to your ideas.

Download Kim Kardashian Mod – Step into the luxurious world of Hollywood

There is no need to say much about the popularity of Kim Kardashian, a female Hollywood star. And now, you can meet her right in the Kim Kardashian game from the publisher Glu. This game allows you to experience the best of the fashion world and the screen under the guidance of Kim Kardashian. But you can absolutely decide everything your way, from fashion style to field of activity and more. This game will make you fall in love with a super-rich collection of costumes. It will also take you to many parts of the world and access the most luxurious catwalks and parties. With a vivid and realistic design, the game offers an experience that is both close and new.


Design your character

This game has everything you need to design your style. But of course, they won’t be available from the start so you’re spoiled for choice. You start the game as a normal girl. You need to work hard at bars, restaurants, and many other jobs to earn money and shop. With the money earned, choose the right outfits and show off your photos on social networks. Or you can join fashion clubs, some small photo shoots, and less-known show events. From there, you will gradually build your own image brand. Until real luck comes your way, you will be overwhelmed by the best things happening around you.

You will be sought after by the media, invited to be models, cover photos, actors for blockbuster movies, fashion designers, and more. Get ready to design your character to stand out in every event. You can customize your hairstyle, skin color, makeup, pants, tops, skirts, shoes, and accessories… Everything is available in the store. Make a lot of money to shop as much as you want and feel free to change your style from time to time. You can wear the most gorgeous dresses to movie festivals or night parties. Even when you travel, you also need a great combination to make a highlight.


Build your dream life

Kim Kardashian Mod is a place where you have the freedom to choose everything. So besides designing the character, design a dream life according to your preferences. You can choose a career from model to the actor, designer, and more. Each job has its own characteristics, helping you satisfy your passion for fashion and fame. You also have great friends around you. It could be your club colleagues or your co-stars in the movie. Among them, you can find the true love of your life. And don’t hesitate to marry him and have a lovely little family.

You will build your own nest with family members. People can design houses together, cook meals, take care of children, and attend events together. Family is not a barrier to your popularity. Moreover, it will be the best thing to enjoy after your hours of hard work in the flashiest places. Over time, your child will grow up and become just like you. You can also easily customize and design your children and husband.


Vivid and realistic design

The graphics aspect is really a highlight of this game. Although it does not own 3D graphics, what it shows is very vivid. The images of the characters depicted are quite realistic. The outfits and accessories are incredibly beautiful and come in hundreds of different designs. Meanwhile, the game scene is equally diverse, it can be your home, airport, catwalk, and more. And the sound is always cheerful and the character’s movements are also very smooth.


Don’t miss Kim Kardashian Mod to immerse yourself in your favorite fashion world. Under the guidance of Kim Kardashian, you can become the girl sought after by all fans. Become a celebrity for your unique and creative style, what do you think? You can even build a virtual family here with your favorite characters.

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