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Judgment Day Mod is a fun simulation game. You become a god on the last day of judgment. On a mission to judge those who lost their lives to the afterlife. Decide if they go to heaven or go to hell. Through the confessions of each person in each level of play. This is a game built in the style of detective play. In some situations, you will have to use a slur detector. Because in the testimony of those who have entered the afterlife. They may not confess to what happened in their life. Instead will find a way to get to heaven. By lying to deceive a god like you. Fulfill your role, judge the guilty. At the same time make the best decisions.

Download Judgment Day Mod – Become a God on Judgment Day in the Afterlife

Judgment Day Mod is set in a fantasy world of the apocalypse. The entire human race perished, not a single survivor. Stepping into the afterlife, everyone is equal in the presence of God. From celebrities, rich people, stars, to ordinary people. They will have to testify about their actions on earth. On judgment day, God will decide whether to go to hell or go to heaven. Join the game, you transform into God. Tasked with interrogating people who lost their lives in the apocalypse. Decide if they go to heaven or go to hell. Through the testimonies of each person to judge. Those who do good deeds will go to heaven. On the contrary, people who do bad deeds every day will go to hell.Judgment Day Mod

Gameplay, heaven or hell

The gameplay of Judgment Day Mod is quite simple. Take place in each different game level. As each level unfolds, your task is to interrogate those who are in the afterlife. Through testimonies about their actions. Each statement will be reproduced as an image, along with the text displayed. Your task is to drag the horizontal bar that appears below. The angel wings symbol is the decision to go to heaven. The burning fire symbol is the decision to go to hell. Based on the testimonies of each person at each level. You will judge heaven or hell. After the confessions of their deeds on earth. Along with your judgment in each person’s confession. At that time, they will be able to decide whether to go to heaven or to go to hell.Download Judgment Day Mod

Lie detector, many surprises

During the interrogation of people in the afterlife. Sometimes you will have to use a lie detector. Because whoever shows up on judgment day wants to go to heaven. At that time, they will have false statements about their actions. Aim to fool you to escape from the scary hell. Use the lie detector provided by Judgment Day Mod. You can spot false claimants. No exceptions to anyone and a lot of interesting things happen during your interrogation. Sometimes a robber loses his life by saving a child from a fire. A father who loves his son too much founded a game company. That happened to harm his son. Or a policeman, committing acts of theft at night.Game Judgment Day Mod

Difficulty making decisions, fair judgment

Each level takes place. The difficulty of Judgment Day Mod will be changed every time you reach a new level. Meet new characters. Through confessions to know the actions they have done. Along with that are false confessions. You need to be very focused, to avoid being fooled. Sometimes, there are many situations that make it difficult for you to decide between heaven and hell. In the role of a god, perform the duties of a judge. You will have to ensure justice in the afterlife. As well as making a fair decision. Do not omit any errors. At the same time, judge accurately to help those who do good to go to heaven.Tai Judgment Day Mod

The graphics of Judgment Day Mod are designed to be vivid. On the background of sharp 3D graphics. The image of the characters in the game is built quite nicely. Focus mainly on the larger face, with different expressions. The body of each character is much smaller than the face. Combine background images of clouds in the sky. Interspersed with sunlight. Gives you a sense of euphoria during interrogations. Besides, the sound of the game is quite funny. The characters scream when going to hell. Or the sound expressed in the joy of being in heaven.

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