Johnny Trigger Mod APK 1.12.19 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, VIP) Download

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Based on the action shooting theme, taking place on each level. Come to the game Johnny Trigger Mod to enjoy the fascinating battles. With gameplay that combines slow-motion Parkour elements. Along with a variety of tasks waiting for you to perform. Face countless enemies in shooting battles. To bring a new experience to every player. The developer has built Stickman-style characters. The content of the game revolves around a man named Johnny. With the mission to rescue innocent people. At the same time fulfill the purpose of destroying criminal gangs, the mafia. Wipe out criminals with the professional skills of a gunman. Moreover, you will enjoy extremely beautiful graphics. Recreate an impressive gangster world.

Download Johnny Trigger Mod – Destroy Criminals To Rescue Hostage

Johnny Trigger Mod opens thousands of levels in ascending order. Each level takes place in a hostage rescue battle. Divided into different stages. Your mission is to accompany the character Johnny to destroy all criminals. Through the gun equipped to attack. After finishing a battle. Based on achievements, through the number of enemies killed. From there will receive a corresponding bonus. It is then possible to continue the battle to a new level. Face a larger number of enemies than before. The battle takes place in more stages. At the same time, the terrain will be changed. Makes you have a lot of trouble because the difficulty increases every time you go to the next level. However, the bonus received also increased.Download Johnny Trigger Mod

Gameplay, stages in a level

Accompany Johnny in the battles of Johnny Trigger Mod. He will not stop moving to move forward. At the same time, he will perform the Parkour skill every time he is about to attack the enemy. Your mission is to shoot accurately, causing the enemy to be destroyed. However, it should be noted, that when criminals appear in sight. You only have one chance to shoot, if you miss it, you will lose your life. As introduced earlier, each battle is divided into phases. Each stage will take place with a shooting operation to attack. At the same time, the number of bullets in the gun is limited. After killing the criminals, you will move forward. As soon as you go through the phone tree, the ammo will be fully charged. Pass each stage in turn, thereby completing the mission in a level of play.Game Johnny Trigger Mod

Confront the boss

Complete each task in turn in the battles of Johnny Trigger Mod. When you reach a certain level, you will have to confront the boss in a 1vs1 fight. He possesses abilities that surpass that of ordinary criminals. Equipped with advanced weapons, can deal great damage. With a huge amount of health, and durable defense. Can withstand multiple rounds of bullets from you. To be able to destroy the boss, complete the mission excellently. You need to use all the skills and experience learned from previous battles. Observe quickly, and react in time to dodge the attack. At the same time take advantage of the opportunity to shoot accurately. After defeating the boss, you will receive a large number of bonuses.Johnny Trigger Mod

Rich gun system

Own more than 57 different combat weapons. Those are advanced guns provided by Johnny Trigger Mod. You can collect more than 11 pistols, 10 tech guns, and 4 ultimate guns. Or 9 automatic rifles, 12 SMG guns. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to own 5 basic guns, 3 VIP guns, and 3 guns according to special weapon packs. Each gun is uniquely designed. Bring your own style of use. To obtain them, it is necessary to use money accumulated from battles. When you reach a certain level, you can use the money to trade. From there, you can buy your favorite gun. In addition, the game also offers 20 different skins. Help the character Johnny change his appearance to fight in the world of criminals.Ear Johnny Trigger Mod

Throughout the time of the battles of Johnny Trigger Mod. Your mission is to rescue the hostages being held. To do that, will have to destroy all criminals. Through the shooting action. Combined with Parkour’s skills such as running, jumping, turning 360 degrees in the air, and sliding. However, care must be taken during combat. Hostages can appear at any location. If you do not observe carefully, the attack will hit the hostage. The mission will fail, which means you will have to replay that level.

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