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Immerse yourself in the beautiful world in the entertaining game Jewel Match King Mod. This is a puzzle game, published by BitMango. Open up a lot of different levels for you to explore. Based on the match-3 puzzle theme, promises an exciting adventure. Revolving around finding and collecting colorful, gems. Along with that is a series of unique features. Puzzle gameplay is simple, but overcoming the challenge is not easy. Especially, there is no time limit for solving puzzles. You can think carefully before making a choice. In addition, there are a few caveats to be aware of. The game can be played in offline mode. But will contain advertisements, videos of the production company. It is free to play, but there will be some features and items that need to be paid to buy.

Download Jewel Match King Mod – Match-3 Puzzle Adventure In A Beautiful World

Explore Jewel Match King Mod with a series of exciting levels. In ascending order, each level unlocks a different puzzle quest. You need to finish excellently to get the best score. The achievement of each level of play is shown by the number of gold stars, up to 3 stars. After completing the task of a level. You will receive the corresponding reward. Maybe jewels, glittering jewels. Continue to engage in new levels. The difficulty of the game gradually increases each time you enter the next level. The request made will be more difficult than before, making it difficult for you to overcome the challenge. At the same time, the puzzle terrain will be changed, the area expanded. As well as new challenges appear, hindering the puzzle process.Jewel Match King Mod

Quests by level, number of points achieved

The gameplay of Jewel Match King Mod is similar to other match-3 puzzle games. Each level opens in a different setting. Your task revolves around colorful stones. With a limited number of turns in each level, it will decrease after each puzzle. Before the number of turns is exhausted, you need to fulfill the given condition to finish the mission. Through moving to arrange from 3 stones of the same color and shape or more. The number of points will correspond to each puzzle. Create combos or solve multiple stones each turn. The score will not stop increasing. However, it is important to pay attention to the requirements at each level. Because that is the deciding factor for your success. For example, reach 1000 points, collect enough purple diamonds or break frozen Jewel Match King mod

Create a special stone

During the progression of levels of Jewel Match King Mod. You can create special stones. By matching 4 or more stones. For example, pairing 4 red stones will create a red stone that has the ability to explode. Moving on to the next puzzle turn, you can combine that special Redstone with two regular red stones. Immediately after that will create an explosion within a certain range. From there will collect a lot of different stones. Not stopping there, combine the stone with the multicolored ball. You can also collect all the stones of the corresponding color on the puzzle map. The example combines a multicolored orb with a purple diamond. All purple diamonds on the map will be collected by you.Jewel Match King mod apk

Support tools

Besides the special stones in the puzzle process of Jewel Match King Mod. You can also use support tools. But they are only available in limited quantities, so use them only when absolutely necessary. Includes hammer, guide hand, horizontal booster, vertical booster, magic wand. Each type of tool has its own special ability. Will help you overcome difficult challenges at difficult levels. For example, using a hammer can break frozen gems. Vertical and horizontal boosters will collect all gems in a row of choices. The magic wand can collect all gems appearing on the map.Ear Jewel Match King mod

The sound quality of Jewel Match King Mod is quite impressive. Light, fun background music is reproduced in the levels. Mix in a unique sound every time you do the gems puzzle. Combines the shattered effect of the combined stones. Create a feeling of comfort and excitement. In addition, the game’s graphics are built on a 3D platform. Sharp image quality. Along with the variety of colors of the stones. Scene combinations are changed in each level of play. Bringing you adventures in a beautiful world full of fun.

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