Jackal Jeep Mod APK 0.0.1464 (Menu, Money, Level 300, Immortal, Onehit, Quick Shot)

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Enjoy Arcade Wars in Jackal Jeep Mod. This is a game that combines action shooting gameplay. Play in the style of moving and fighting. Here, your mission is to control the legendary Jeep made in 1988. Participate in shooting wars to destroy the enemy military forces. The content of the game is unfolded according to an interesting story. At the same time, you will experience the battles in two different modes. The challenge is divided into 3 levels. With modern gameplay, combined with a classic shooting style. Moreover, the graphics are built-in in Pixel form. With a simple control system, using virtual buttons in the form of a Joystick. Promising to open up the battle more attractive than ever.

Download Jackal Jeep Mod – Drive Jeep Into the Enemy Base to Rescue the Hostage

Story of Jackal Jeep Mod opens the second world war. Fascists attack the Allied army. The wars broke out extremely fiercely. Under the onslaught of the Nazis. The Allies lost the battle, and countless lives were lost. At the same time, they took a lot of hostages to bring back to the base. You are a combat unit of the Jackal Jeep. Has undergone rigorous training to become an elite soldier. Assigned to infiltrate the base of the Fascist army. By driving an armed Jeep. With the goal of rescuing the hostages. Simultaneously destroy enemy forces, destroy their military bases. Countless difficulties and challenges are waiting ahead. You will have to find ways to overcome and complete the assigned task.Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod

More than 100 levels, rewards

More than 100 different levels take place in Jackal Jeep Mod. Simultaneously divided into 3 levels. In order from easy, medium, and difficult. Each level opens up a dramatic fight. Control your Jeep to start the mission. The objective is to rescue the hostages, destroy the soldiers, and destroy the enemy military base. After completing the assigned tasks in a level play. Based on the achievement achieved, will receive a lot of rewards. Including gold coins, and experience points to help you upgrade to new levels. Furthermore, by watching promotional videos, it is possible to receive X3 rewards. Continue new mission in next level. The difficulty will increase gradually, facing the onslaught from the defense system in the enemy base.Tai Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod

Jeep abilities, driving skills

In the process of driving the Jeep into the enemy base to perform the mission of Jackal Jeep Mod. You can drive the car moving freely on the battlefield in different directions. The Jeep will automatically attack the target within the range. Especially if there are multiple targets appearing at the same time. Jeep’s firepower will prioritize attacking the nearest target. At the same time, the enemy units will attack fiercely. They are armed, and quickly attack as soon as they detect your position. To be able to break through the fortified defenses at the enemy base. Requires your driving skills to be very flexible. Dodge attacks to limit blood loss. Simultaneously move intelligently to quickly destroy enemy defenses.Download Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod

Enemy defense units

Go through the levels of Jackal Jeep Mod. Go on a mission to infiltrate the enemy base to rescue the hostages being held. You will face a lot of different military forces. Besides the units of soldiers equipped with weapons. Have the ability to move to chase, attack your Jeep. Still have to face the helicopters and armored tanks. Along with anti-aircraft artillery systems, and military constructions. Lots of targets you need to destroy and destroy. Along with that, throughout the process of fighting in the enemy base. Every time they destroy an important construction of them. You will have the opportunity to get new power-ups to improve the jeep’s offensive ability.Game Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod

Upgrading the Jeep is one of the very important elements of Jackal Jeep Mod. Because each level is getting more and more difficult. The battles were extremely intense. Especially will have to face fierce resistance from the enemy. Therefore, you will have to equip more weapons to improve the power of the Jeep. Through 6 different types of equipment. Includes offensive weapons, defensive shields, left and right support equipment, and left and right processors. The ability of the Jeep is expressed through two parameters. Includes attack damage and health.

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