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Lamar – Idle Vlogger Mod is the place where you will learn how to get rich from the Vlogger profession. It’s a fun and rewarding animation simulator that helps motivate and orient many like-minded players. Your character is a poor guy living in the slums. He only has a rusty car and can only eat one egg a day. But he has the passion and will to get rich, and a career as a Vlogger could be a great start for him. You will accompany and help him to be famous and rich. Think of the most compelling topics to include in your articles and videos, thereby attracting a large audience and making money. It’s not so easy to do but you just need to click on the screen to play.

Download Lamar – Idle Vlogger Mod – Vlogger job simulator

What job will make a person successful? That is the question that Lamar – Idle Vlogger wants to give you the answer to. It allows you to role-play a character who is destitute and wants you to guide him. He hates working on the farm and doesn’t like working as a miner, worker, security guard, or any job with too many constraints. So he turned to Vlogger after he borrowed a phone from his friend. Now is the time for him to develop his career from an old phone. With your wise choices, you’ll help this poor guy rise up and have the life of his dreams. That’s the context of the game and now your experience.


Coming up from poverty

Your starting point is really a bad thing. You live in a run-down slum, drive a rusty car, and only have one meal a day. From the phone you get, you need to know how to take advantage of it to change your whole life. The job of a Vlogger will revolve around creating content and sharing articles and videos on social platforms. So even though you don’t have to do much, you need to be highly creative. Think about sharing your personal outlook on life or sharing photos of where you live, the city, and the people around you. Do whatever it takes to get views and support from your followers.

After you have a bit of money from people’s views, you can think about moving to another place. It helps you live a little better and is also a great investment in your work. With your new home, you’ll have new topics to share. Besides, you should also invest in clothes, cars or travel trips. Use your money wisely to grow the blog even further. Don’t miss any posts every day because your fans will remind you. One day, you are a celebrity in everyone’s eyes. And that’s when you can dream of luxury homes, luxury cars, and unprecedented relationships.


Constantly upgrading and expanding

Over time, Lamar – Idle Vlogger Mod allows you to experience more cool things. The higher the number of followers, the more money you earn, and can continue to invest more in your work. If you’re too busy with creative work, hire someone to film, edit images, or design sets. Your job is to come up with ideas, appear in front of the camera or write shares and post them on your Blog page.

Besides, you also need to upgrade the camera instead of using the old phone from your friend forever. A good camcorder will help sharper images, thereby improving video quality and pleasing your fans. After being famous, the most luxurious travel doesn’t matter. You can drive your car to snowy lands and don’t forget to share pictures of it. Your charisma also leads to more great opportunities. For example, a certain capitalist company will want to hire you to be their representative.


Funny cartoon design

The game takes place on the phone’s vertical screen. It visually depicts each of your activities and the surroundings. Features are right on the screen, so you just click to do what you want. Character images are designed in a humorous cartoon style. He also has super-fun dance moves and expressions. The game scene also changes dynamically over time. So everything is pretty cool to relax on the phone.

Become a Vlogger to become rich and famous, what do you think? Lamar – Idle Vlogger Mod will allow you to experience the activities in this industry and have the opportunity to change the character’s life. From a poor guy to a celebrity and a video mogul, it’s been a long but inspiring and fun journey.

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