Idle Slayer Mod APK 4.7.0 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Gain) Download

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The idle game genre always helps every player feel free during the experience. Currently, on the market, there are many idle games. But to find a role-playing game with action gameplay is not easy. Because they are developed quite a few specifically for mobile devices. Here, come to Idle Slayer Mod to become a hero. Join the idle adventure. You will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Those are difficult challenges that lie ahead. Although the gameplay is quite simple, it requires individual skill. Simultaneously carrying an idle style, but still needing to continuously perform actions. Along with that will have the opportunity to enjoy retro pixel graphics. Mixed with fun, attractive music melodies. Shown throughout the game.

Download Idle Slayer Mod – Hero’s Adventure To Grow Strength

The content of the game Idle Slayer Mod is described quite simply. The gameplay is designed in an incremental style. You will play as a hero to start the adventure. The mission of collecting gold coins. Accumulate them to develop yourself. Then fight against the enemies on the journey. Based on the quest that takes place, will start from zero. The hero will constantly move to move forward. Try not to miss any coins to accumulate large amounts. From there will develop strength by unlocking new equipment. Enhance combat ability to fight fearsome enemies. Moreover, through the adventure that takes place. You will have the opportunity to discover many mysterious places. With difficult challenges waiting ahead.Idle Slayer Mod

Explore many locations, collect coins

Throughout the adventure in Idle Slayer Mod. Lots of new locations will be unlocked. You will have the opportunity to explore the dark dungeon. On beautiful roads. Each location is designed terrain in its own style. At the same time, the difference is also reflected in the surrounding environment and landscape. Along with that are difficult challenges. Your mission is to collect gold coins. They appear continuously, throughout the run. But arranged in many different positions. Use the character’s actionable skills. Choose the correct jump point to be able to collect all. After accumulating enough, can unlock weapons, and defensive equipment. Or upgrade power, and learn passive skills to become stronger.Ear Idle Slayer Mod

Facing those who stand in the way

The biggest challenge in Idle Slayer Mod is not collecting gold coins. Because they are just tools for you to use to develop yourself. Instead, you will have to face monsters in the adventure. For example, yellow bees fly in the air, worms crawl on the ground. They appear to cover up the gold coins. Use equipped weapons to attack. Slash enemies to open the way, and keep moving forward. At the same time collect more gold coins to increase the number. Based on the distance traveled. The difficulty will increase gradually, making it more difficult. Appears a large number of enemies along the way. Their abilities are also superior to before. To be able to defeat it is necessary to improve the hero’s attack ability.Download Idle Slayer Mod

Types of equipment, learn skills

Heroes in Idle Slayer Mod own many different types of equipment. Includes weapons, costumes, hats, and armor shoes. They are all indispensable ingredients. Unlock each item, in turn, to make the hero stronger. Each type has its own unique ability, with outstanding advantages. For example, weapons increase damage and can attack more strongly when slashing enemies. Costumes and hats, and shoes will increase defense. Can withstand multiple attacks from enemies. Moreover, you can learn passive skills. For example, increase the running speed faster. Use skills randomly every time you attack an enemy. Each skill must be unlocked to be used. By accumulating bonuses, combine the collected loot. From there will help the hero learn many different skills.Game Idle Slayer Mod

Come to the game Idle Slayer Mod to be involved in the adventure. Here, the publisher uses retro pixel graphics. With a unique design in image quality. Environment and character creation, enemies in the way. Everything is made of small blocks of pixels. Recreate an interesting context for the participants. Along with that is the fun background music shown throughout the playing process. Combine with unique music melodies every time you collect gold coins. Gives you a feeling of not being bored after a long time of experience.

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