Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon 1.13.1 (Unlimited Money)

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FERA publisher Idle Tycoon & Sim Games offers a brand new tycoon game. Belonging to the simulation game genre, the idle game Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod will open an exciting business experience. As a manager, you take control of a garbage disposal company. With a mission to clean the ocean on the planet. The game is combined with resource extraction elements. In addition to the goal of cleaning up the ocean trash, you also aim for gold mining. At the same time can recycle waste to generate profit. Dream of becoming the richest tycoon in the field of garbage removal. A series of activities take place during the participation in the game. As a manager, you do not have to do the work directly. Instead, it is a strategy to develop, as well as maintain activities for the company to operate most effectively.

Download Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod – Building an Empire Through Sea Garbage Collection

The oceans on Earth are seriously polluted. Because greedy corporations and manufacturing factories have dumped garbage into the sea. Creating climate change, affecting the life of organisms. Join Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod you are the owner of a waste treatment company. Manage a team of staff, including crew. With the task of cleaning up trash on the sea. Simultaneously exploit gold resources to fulfill your dream of becoming a tycoon. Show off the skills of a great manager. You will have to collect garbage to clean the sea environment. By establishing a team, specialized in performing the task of cleaning up trash. It is even possible to operate drones to automatically collect garbage. At the same time collect many resources to develop your own empire.Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod

Clean up each sea area, appoint sailors

In Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod there are many seas. To be able to clean up the entire ocean on Earth. You will begin to clean up the seas one by one. Each sea contains a lot of garbage and valuable resources. At the same time, they are divided into several different zones. Your task is to divide the work for each crew. They will operate small boats themselves to move to designated areas. Automatically collects waste, as well as resources. Then it will be taken to the garbage disposal company. Over time, the number of your work increases. To deal with everything in the most efficient way. You need to recruit more crew. Also, use the money to upgrade. Increase their ability to work, help your work always reach the best progress.Tai Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod

Garbage is divided into 3 different categories

Resources in Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod are extremely diverse. Divided into 3 different categories, including plastics, recyclables, and products. Each type of resource is collected from areas on the sea. Depends on your usage. Can be sold to earn gold coins. Or choose to recycle to use in many other activities. In the plastic category, there are a number of types such as bottles, straws, bubble bags, toys, masks, etc. Or recycled waste includes packages such as bottles, bags, toys, and straw bundles. … Finally, the product catalog. With a wide variety of items such as computer parts, models, vehicle parts, steering gear, containers, etc. Each type of resource in a category has its own value. The money earned from selling them can make you a huge profit.Game Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod

Upgrade ship’s parameters

To achieve high efficiency in garbage collection at Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod. You need to upgrade your sea transport. Use the money earned to upgrade the ship’s operating parameters. This will increase the number of goods that can be carried on each trip. As well as faster travel speed during sea operations. However, you need to be mindful of the upgrade process. After each ship upgrades, the amount to upgrade for the next time will increase.Download Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod

At Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod recycling is one of the very important factors. Although it is possible to sell waste for a profit. However, recycling will sometimes help you take new steps in the garbage collection process. Recycled items can be used in many different activities. During the recycling process, you need to take a waiting period. For faster completion, gold coins can be used.

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