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Idle High School Tycoon Mod is an idle simulation game that everyone should play once. In life, everyone was once a student. But has anyone tried what it feels like to be a principal? Definitely not, and this game will let you do that. This is the place for you to learn how to be a good principal, taking care of the learning of an entire school, from students to teachers and more. Invest money to build and upgrade facilities, hire teachers to teach various subjects and you can make a profit. Profits earned can be used to upgrade, expand or get rich. The more I play, the more I like it when there are more and more classes with modern equipment. Not only classrooms, but your school also has gymnasiums, practice rooms, canteens, and more. Are you ready to embrace it all?

Download Idle High School Tycoon Mod – Become a manager for an entire school

Sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? But you can really be a serious manager to be an idle tycoon in Idle High School Tycoon. It is an addictive game, suitable for many gamers, including children. Simulation gameplay is simple but attractive, with rich game content, cute images, cheerful sounds. That’s why you shouldn’t refuse it. Moreover, you can play the game online or offline. Therefore, playing games is always for entertainment or killing time. You will find your school growing while you do not do much. Just tap and swipe to build, upgrade, and manage schools. And what is more interesting?


Take care of all school chores

Saying not doing much, but actually, there is a lot of work for you to take on, especially in the early stages. You will have to manage the construction of buildings such as classrooms, gymnasiums, swimming pools, practice rooms, libraries, canteens, school yards… After construction, you must hire teachers to teach subjects such as maths, physics, history, geography, and even gifted subjects like singing, dancing… When everything is ready, you can operate the bus routes to pick up your students to class. They can learn and play with fun lectures, participate in useful activities, do cleaning work, play in the school yard, eat in the canteen and of course have exams. Everything is simulated close to real life, making you feel like you are returning to the naughty school days with so many happy memories.

Your experience in Idle High School Tycoon Mod will continuously continue but become more and more interesting. You will have to upgrade classes to expand the area, add students, add teachers, add useful activities. And when there are more students, it leads to the need to expand the canteen and practice room. You have to upgrade continuously to increase performance. The more students, the more tuition fees. So, after the initial huge investment, you can make a profit for a period of time afterwards. With a good strategy, you can soon become a rich idle strategist.


Complete daily quests

Although you can enjoy playing, you should do daily quests to earn rewards. The tasks are generally not too difficult, mainly revolve around upgrading the classroom and managing students. You can complete these quests to get speed-up perks, which shorten the school’s progress. You will see things up to 2 or 3 times faster, along with a rapid increase in income. Additionally, you can also earn speed-up perks with in-store purchases. But you will have to pay real money to buy, or you should play the Mod version of the game on our website to buy it for free.


Lovely graphics

As a game suitable for both students and parents, Idle High School Tycoon possesses a lovely visual style. The characters in the game are designed like chibi characters, although small but very detailed. The characters also have many interesting expressions and flexible movements. The context is very diverse, including many familiar areas such as classrooms, libraries, school yards, canteens, etc. The objects are also designed as real, making everyone feel close and friendly. Besides, the game colors are always bright, the sound is cheerful. Therefore, the game can make children and students enjoy.

So, Idle High School Tycoon Mod can be the next choice in your entertainment experience on your phone. Enjoy great relaxation with school management where you can take care of everything. You can manage your classroom, library, dining, entertainment, teaching… Make the right decisions to grow your school in its own way, from the initial small classes to a new modern and crowded learning zone.

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