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Idle Egg Factory Mod is a great idle simulation game that you should not miss. Join the game, you will become the boss of a chicken farm with huge potential. Your task is to manage the egg collection chain, take care of the chickens, and collect eggs from them. You will earn money from the crates of eggs that are sold. From there, you can build your farm with new buildings. Just touch the screen to do all this. Are you ready to join? Enjoy the super idle and fun egg collecting process here. The game is also free to download to your phone.

Download Idle Egg Factory Mod – Manage an idle egg factory

Have you ever thought of making money from chicken eggs? Idle Egg Factory will help you try to do it right on your phone. This game is built with idle gameplay mechanics, a simple story, and bright visuals. So, even if you are a new player, it does not take a few minutes to reach it. In the game, you will own an existing chicken factory with a free production line. Your job is to manage it to create as many eggs as you can and become a chicken farm tycoon. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Everything is very simple but more addictive than you think.


Simple and addictive gameplay

In the beginning, you are just a small boss of a humble egg factory. But don’t worry because you have a potential business model. In front of you is a production line that can automatically collect eggs. Your job is simply to watch it work, collect coins and upgrade over time. The eggs will automatically be packed into the crate. When you reach a certain number of crates, you can hire a truck to transport them to the market. After that, the number of egg sales will be added to your account.

That’s what happens in this game. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? But actually, it will make you relax and happy all day. Your egg factory will grow in both the number of chickens, type of chicken, and production scale. You just need to touch the screen to upgrade the spawn rate, thereby getting more eggs and selling them for a higher price. In other words, you will witness a real cash rush in your egg factory. And you will soon become the chicken egg tycoon in the city.


Unlock new types of chickens

Idle Egg Factory Mod allows you to unlock dozens of different types of chickens in your factory. As long as you reach enough levels and have enough cash, you can unlock as many chickens as you want. Each type of chicken will produce a different type of egg. The higher the level of chickens, the more expensive their eggs are. So when you unlock new chickens you will get a higher profit. Eggs from rare to rare will keep your customers happy. Don’t forget to upgrade your chickens to make more eggs.


Build your farm

Besides egg factory management, you also have other interesting tasks. Specifically, it is the construction of his farm in a large rural area. There are dozens of different buildings waiting to be unlocked and built. It could be a chicken, pig, or dairy farm, a fruit and vegetable farm, a warehouse, and more. To build them, you need to use diamonds and cash.

Cash comes from the sale of eggs in your factory. To own diamonds, you can watch ads, participate in the wheel of fortune or download the Mod version in this article. In general, you have to work hard to build everything on your farm or choose to enjoy the unlimited building process. From an unspoiled countryside, you can turn it into a large and crowded farm. And you also earn money from these farms too.


Bright pictures, cheerful music

Everything in the game has bright colors, suitable for the preferences of the majority of players. Moreover, it is designed with 2D graphics in cartoon style. So it delivers fun and realistic images like never before. In particular, the chickens in your factory look downright adorable. They can also eat and lay eggs continuously to generate non-stop profits. Besides, you will enjoy joyful music during factory management.

If you love the idle simulation theme, come to Idle Egg Factory Mod now. It will give you hours of great relaxation when just touching the screen to manage the egg factory. Besides, you can also enjoy farm construction work. All in all, there are quite a few interesting activities here for you. And you can enjoy them even offline.

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