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I Live – Gold Edition MOD uses gameplay as if you are taking care of your baby. Players when using the game I Live – Gold Edition, themselves will be immersed in the role of a person taking care of their baby, this is definitely an interesting experience for you!

What is I Live – Gold Edition MOD?

i Live - Gold Edition mod

I Live – Gold Edition MOD is an interesting game, players will play the role of parents to take care of their babies. You will have to take care of your baby with daily activities like you are taking care of a baby in the real world. From feeding the baby, playing with the baby, everything like that.

You need to equip yourself, and learn about taking care of a baby like you are taking care of a baby in the real world when immersing yourself in the game world I Live – Gold Edition. The game is set in space in a baby environment, so you will feel very familiar when you experience it!

Some outstanding features of I Live – Gold Edition MOD

The game has interesting graphics and a lively game environment

In the experience I Live – Gold Edition, you will be able to use the vivid environment and experience the game with the most eye-catching graphics. You will be watching your baby grow up day by day with even the smallest change in your baby.

Game with true content and high entertainment

Never before have you been able to see the real-life of babysitting like this. Every baby’s daily activities, even the smallest, are brought into the world of I Live – Gold Edition. You will be taking care of your baby by eating, dressing, playing with him when he cries, and a million other interesting things…

How to download I Live – Gold Edition MOD to your phone

i Live - Gold Edition mod

Currently, the LMHMOD website has updated the game I Live – Gold Edition, so you can download the game to your phone without worrying about getting infected with malicious code. The steps to download the game I Live – Gold Edition to your phone are as follows:

  • Step 1: First of all, you must make sure to keep your phone connected to the internet, to avoid interruptions during the download process.
  • Step 2: Access the LMHMOD website and search for the keyword I Live-Gold Edition.
  • Step 3: Select the download content for iOS / Android phones.

In addition, do not forget the hottest games today are updated at LMHMOD waiting for you to discover such as Shironeko Project, Piano Kids, Critical Strike, etc.

Some frequently asked questions when playing I Live – Gold Edition MOD

Why can’t I download the game I Live – Gold Edition?

After performing the steps above, I still cannot download I Live- Gold Edition to your device. It may be because your device is not compatible or it may also measure the amount of space that is not enough to hold the game resources. We’re trying to fix that so users can experience the game to the fullest.

How long can the child cared for?

You can rest assured about your baby, you take care of the baby will grow up day by day, the bigger the baby, the more interesting experiences you will have. So you don’t need to worry about taking care of your older baby, you will no longer be cared for.

You will be attached to the baby until you stop experiencing on I Live- Gold Edition only. So please love and stick with I Live – Gold Edition.

Why can’t the baby’s diaper be changed?

If you can’t change your baby’s diaper, it may be because you haven’t entered the correct baby changing category. After entering the correct section, click on the keyword to change diapers and you can change your baby’s diaper.

Download I Live – Gold Edition MOD game on iOS/Android phones

If you are a fan of the real-life game genre, you should not ignore the game I Live – Gold Edition MOD. With similar gameplay, but I Live – Gold Edition is much more interesting. You will experience challenging modes with beautiful graphics, step by step taking care of your baby. Join your friends to experience the game I Live – Gold Edition!

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