Hungry Dragon Mod Hack APK 4.6 (Menu, Money, Unlocked Dragon, Immortality, OneHit, Size)

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Coming to Hungry Dragon, you are transformed into dragons that are starving for many days. Dragons have completely different characteristics from other animals. They need large amounts of food to meet their body’s energy needs. Your main task when entering the game is to provide them with a large amount of food. Your dragon when hungry will automatically find food to ensure survival. You can see that their stamina will be greatly reduced if not eaten. Pay attention to their HP bar in the upper right corner of the screen. When this HP bar is about to run out, your beast’s strength is gradually depleted. Quickly provide food in time for them to recover energy. The gameplay is simple and attractive. Visit the website MODLH. vn to download the gameplay right away with the admin.

Download Hungry Dragon MOD – Take care of dragons

Join Hungry Dragon MOD, players are like becoming nannies of dragons. Take care of their health, feed them when they are hungry. Your character is hungry. There are times when you cannot control their actions. Be careful not to let them destroy and affect everyone around. Many troubles will come to you. The menu in the game is very diverse, extremely rich. There is a full range of food for all dragons. Please choose for your dragon the right food source for the dragon in need. Changing the menu every day helps your dragon grow better. Pay attention if you give them the wrong food. Immediately the game will end and you will have to start all over from 0. Become the best dragon caretaker.

Hungry Dragon mod

Dragon Unlock

In the game, there are many different dragon species for you to choose from. Fire dragon, water dragon, earth dragon, ice dragon, etc… Those are the species that I am talking about. Each species has its own characteristics and strengths. Find out information about each species. To choose the one you like best. For example, water dragons’ food is quite simple. You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy food for them. However, their strength is not as strong as other species. But you are thinking that they are weaker than not being able to overcome the challenges in the game. Dragons can still fly in the sky, overcoming obstacles very simply. Try to collect as many dragon cards. Your animal will be much stronger.

game Hungry Dragon mod hack


Dragon upgrade in Hungry Dragon MOD will have no destination limit at all. Because the hunger of this species is endless. No matter how much you feed them. After a period of time, the kcal will be consumed. Continuing you will need to provide new amounts of food for them. You can upgrade your dragon to a higher level. When leveling up, dragons will increase their hunger time even higher. You will no longer have to constantly search for food for them. With the unlimited money feature of MODLH. vn you have an unlimited amount of money. Upgrade your dragon to max level. There will be more free time to do more things. Hang up there and go do other things. When reaching max level. Maybe you only need to feed them once a day.

game Hungry Dragon mod

Other interesting activities

Join the game your main task is to provide food for your dragons. It would be boring to just do the same thing over and over again all day. Game publishers understand this, so they have created a series of other more interesting activities. Players will not feel bored at all. Discover the mysteries in the green forest. You can also fly with the dragon around the city. Mysterious areas will appear on the map. Search and discover them all. Many interesting places are waiting for you to conquer.

tai game Hungry Dragon mod apk

The great thing that I like most about this game is the tournament mode. When you take care of your dragon reaches a certain level. Tournaments will be opened for you to participate in. Invite your friends to play the game and compete together for the championship cup. The rewards for the best dragon are extremely valuable. Download Hungry Dragon MOD transform into dragons with hunger and thirst in search of food.

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