Hills of Steel MOD APK 4.6.0 (Menu, Money, One hit, Immortal, Stupid Bot)

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Coming to Hills of Steel you are involved in super classic tank battles. When entering the game you can control your tank. Move, attack the enemy base. This gameplay has many different game modes for players to choose from. There are quite a few modes for new players. You will not feel anxious or surprised when you first enter the game. The system will provide detailed instructions for you to get acquainted with the easiest way. Choose for yourself the strongest and most favorite tank. Participate in training modes to practice and improve skills. Launch the tank through the hills and dangerous terrain. Attack, smash the enemy’s corpse, and win. The mod version of the gameplay is completely free on the website MODLH. vn. Visit the download site and experience it right away.

Download Hills of Steel MOD – Ultimate Tank War

Hills of Steel MOD has extremely diverse terrain. Each terrain has its own difficulty level. The common point of all maps is that the terrain is very dangerous. Your tank needs to be able to adapt to all maps. As you cross the craggy high mountains. As you move forward, enemies will slowly appear. When they see you show up. Immediately the laser beams, rockets will continuously attack you. Control tanks to move flexibly. Stand behind the hills, dodge the shots from the enemy. Quick in situations, knocking down enemies without losing any health. The longer the time, the stronger the enemy will become. You can meet the helicopter in the final stages. Find the right angles so that your tank can point the gun towards the enemy. Shooting them down is when victory is in your hands.

Hills of Steel mod apk

Tanks and equipment

Hills of Steel MOD’s tank system is extremely diverse. Various types of combat with the most modern technology in the world. You can choose for yourself a favor when you first enter the game. However, that tank is not too good, does not have much modern technology. For example: Can’t raise the gun to the sky, the movement speed is not fast, etc… But it still meets your basic fighting needs. Because when I first entered the game, the enemies were not too strong. You can still use this tank to attack and destroy normal enemies. Gradually return after the enemy has become stronger. Use coins or diamonds to buy new tanks. Stronger, with many modern technologies to help you win. Or you can also upgrade and equip special items for your tanks. It doesn’t cost too much but still gives great power.

game Hills of Steel mod

Diverse terrain

Desert Assault, Winter War, Midsummer Siege, etc…are the maps that I want to talk about. What’s special about these maps. That is, players cannot experience all maps for free. You need to spend a relatively large amount of money to unlock new terrains. Each terrain will have its own characteristics, a separate reward. When you complete that map, there will be a lot of bonuses for you. At the same time, there will be new levels for you to conquer. Try to win the battles. You will receive a certain amount of bonus. From there, accumulate and buy tanks and equipment that you love. Our mod version provides unlimited coins and diamonds. Let you shop completely free.

game Hills of Steel mod hack

Exciting graphics and sound

Give praise, a perfect 10 for the quality of the game’s graphics and sound. Extremely refined design, the tanks appear full of power, aggression. Unleash your passion with those who have hobbies and dreams of owning a tank. Control the tank on your phone but experience it like in real life. Bringing players the most wonderful and entertaining moments. Very vibrant sound. The sound of explosions, the sound of broken tanks, the sound of movement, etc… Extremely realistic, making players feel more excited and excited.

Hills of Steel mod apk

Hills of Steel creates a playground, a tank arena for people who share the same passion. Maybe in reality satisfying this passion is extremely difficult. But for this gameplay it becomes easy. The publisher’s efforts and creativity have created a masterpiece. Don’t hesitate to download the mod version specifically for android to your device. Download Hills of Steel MOD to join the super classic tank arena.

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