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Get ready for an exciting experience in Hide Online Mod. It is a simulation of the typical folk game, which is hidden and seek. You can become a member of the hide or seek group and will have to perform opposite tasks. If you are in the hidden group, you can transform into any item in the room to hide from others. On the contrary, you will be a proactive person, always trying to find the fugitives if you are in the search group. It’s pretty familiar, isn’t it? But since this is an online game, some of the traditional rules will be changed. It is not a light game, instead, you can attack others with a gun. Moreover, you have the right to switch between many different objects, but of course, you have to be clever to not be detected. The time of each game is very fast, so every gamer needs to make wise decisions. Regardless of the team, strategy is always important to the victory of you and the team.

Download Hide Online Mod – Play hide and seek in a new way on your phone

Since the telephone and the Internet became widely available, many things in life have also changed in different ways. In particular, folk games such as hide and seek have also been adapted as online games, allowing you to sit at home and play with many other gamers around the world. That’s what I want to say about Hide Online. This game is built on the classic folk hide-and-seek game, but of course, it is more novel and has its own interesting points. Hide-and-seek with vivid effects, 3D graphics, and all kinds of weapons and objects, promises to bring you a lot of emotions. Winning is fun, but losing is also fun. So how? Let’s learn more about it to know the answer.

Basically, gamers will be arranged into two groups, each group of 4 people. Group one is to hide, group two is to find. And each person in different groups will have to perform their own tasks to achieve the goal of the game, which is to win the remaining group. The duration of each level is 3 minutes.


You can be anything

This sentence is only for those who belong to the hiding group. Because they have the right to turn into anything they want to “hide the technique”. It means that you will hide in existing objects to hide from the view of others. Only you and your teammates know what you are, and the opponent has to speculate and explore to discover your identity. In this game, you can turn into a glass, a book, a chair, a table, a flower pot, even toilet items. In general, there is something on the map that you have the right to change into that thing. But you need to do it gently and subtly, avoiding being seen by someone and then receiving a shot.


Find your prey

This is the principle of hunters, often referred to as hunters. If you belong to this group, you will have to find people hiding in various shapes of objects. There are no signs to identify someone in any object, mainly based on your experience and judgment. Explore the map of Hide Online Mod and find the enemy’s loopholes, even the smallest. When someone intentionally hides in an object, they can inadvertently change the arrangement of the items. Or if they sit in one place for too long, their head will play music like a megaphone. Then, you just have to chase them and end this pretend show in the blink of an eye.

Thus, each status has different rights and limitations. Although searchers can be more proactive, they cannot hide their identities. In contrast, those who hide have the right to hide but are easily detected and fed with bullets. So, no matter how you play, it’s fun. This game is mainly for entertainment, winning or losing is normal. If you lose, get revenge on the next screen, nothing to be bored.


Unique map and weapon system

About weapons, Hide Online gives gamers many options, including pistols, rifles, shotguns… It’s also not very diverse but enough for your hunting in the game. Besides, the game is also invested with 3D maps with quite realistic designs of rooms and objects. However, its one minus point is the lack of variety. Usually, the game only has one or two maps, but the design style is similar. Therefore, the game should have some new maps, such as jungle, city …

Besides the above minus points, Hide Online Mod has many interesting points. It has good gameplay, fun and allows connecting many players. Therefore, it is very suitable for you to play with your friends and have fun “fights” in the game. Being a fugitive or a seeker both brings an indescribable sense of excitement. But in each role, you should have your own strategy to conquer the game.

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