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Come to the adventure game of the game developer Tilting Point. Players will transform into characters in the game Hidden Hotel Mod. The quest to find hidden objects and spot the differences. At the same time, interior design of the rooms in the hotel. With so many unique customizations for you to choose from. Complete the assigned missions to dive into the fascinating storyline. This is a game of finding mysterious clues. With objects that are being hidden in many different locations. Combined with hotel design features. Bring you an exciting adventure. In a lively space, with a beautiful 3D environment. Along with puzzle-style gameplay. Promises to take you to exciting adventures. Immerse yourself in the story following the game’s plot.

Download Hidden Hotel Mod – Find Hidden Objects To Renovate Hidden Hotel

The setting of Hidden Hotel Mod opens at a Hidden hotel. Built-in 1971 located in the city of Miami. The owner of the hotel is your grandfather. After receiving a letter from the housekeeper Oliver. Say, you inherited the hotel from your grandfather. Looking forward to your return to Miami soon to take over. Right after leaving the plane to return to the hotel. A chaotic scene appeared before his eyes. In hotel rooms and reception rooms. A lot of objects were scattered on the floor. Even the walking stairs have been severely degraded. Along with a lot of old objects over the years. Here, you will accompany the butler Oliver to redesign the hotel. Renovate everything to build a more modern and luxurious hotel.Tai Hidden Hotel Mod

Task performance, observation skills, selection

Accompany the butler Oliver to start repairing and redesigning the hotel. Through the puzzle levels of Hidden Hotel Mod. Your mission is to find hidden objects in a room. They are being hidden by the surrounding objects. Makes it very difficult to distinguish and find. Each mission takes place, you need to find 6 different types of objects. Requires observational skills to distinguish different objects. Find clues or hidden objects. In turn, collect all the required items, you will complete the mission. You can then choose one of three types of objects of the same type. There are different colors and designs to design. Complete each level in turn looking for hidden objects. Gradually, you will complete the renovation of the hotel. You can also design in your own style.Game Hidden Hotel Mod

Search suggestion tools

In the process of playing the game screen search for hidden objects. Players can use hints in difficult situations. Through the search tools provided by Hidden Hotel Mod. Boosters will help you find the hidden objects behind. The watch increases the search time. Radar can display all objects appearing in the room, for 1 second. Lanterns can shine, making hidden objects appear. Make it easy to view and find. Using search engines will help you quickly complete the task. However, each tool is only available in limited quantities. So you need to limit use, only use when absolutely necessary. Because difficult items will gradually increase if you use them incorrectly. It Will is wasted, sometimes still can’t complete the task.Download Hidden Hotel Mod

Various types of hidden objects

At Hidden Hotel Mod there are many hidden objects you need to find. Depending on the level of play, through the provided words. You will have to search for the corresponding objects. For example shoes, gloves, no smoking symbols, water bottles, books, pipes, etc. There are many other items to find, depending on the requirements of each level of play. Along with that, you can also explore many different search areas. When passing a certain puzzle level. The system will unlock new areas, with more unique items. For example, in the early stages, you will be looking for hidden objects in the warehouse. Switch to a new area to discover the beachwear showroom.Hidden Hotel Mod

The hotel in Hidden Hotel Mod has a lot of things that need fixing. Including reception desk, fireplace, drinking table and chairs, stairs, floor. These are just some of the things that need to be designed in the hotel living room. Over time, you will have to remodel many other rooms. As soon as you choose an object to design, you will immediately notice the difference. Especially when completing a room in a hotel, with completely new designed objects. It will help you feel more interesting when you see the results you have done.

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